How long does Binance verification usually take?

It’s not a congratulations until Binance verifies your account – besides, you can’t enjoy full account benefits in the app without verification. Depending on the details, Binance verification sometimes takes shorter or longer than expected.

So, how long does Binance verification take exactly?

How long does Binance verification take?

Binance’s verification time depends on your type of KYC and your country of residence. And you can start the verification as soon as you open a Binance account.

According to Binance, it can take between two and ten days to complete the verification review and receive a verified badge. But it can take up to three to ten days if you opt for a Verified Plus badge, which offers more transaction privileges. Binance Enterprise verification may take longer (between five and ten days).

In general, the timeframe for verification is still not exact as it varies by region. But if you look at it on the bright side, you may get verified in an hour or less if you follow the verification rules properly; but it is still subject to your regional law. Anyway, the clue is that Binance verification takes any time frame between one and ten days depending on specific factors.

But while Binance verification can take some time in some cases, it won’t make you wait forever without letting you know about your verification status. In addition, the company says it can reject credentials up to 10 times in a day.

So it notifies you when it accepts or invalidates your credentials, usually via email. And this usually comes with reasons to help you respond to further requirements. If your status hasn’t been emailed or if your profile is still showing Under review, and it’s not until ten days to the application date, stay put; it’s probably on its way.

You can easily check your verification status through the Binance mobile app by tapping your profile icon at the top left. The app gives a failed status (in red) if Binance authentication failed.

Here is an example of a failed verification email from Binance, which is a reflection of: failed status also in the app:

However, if verified, you will receive an email notification with a green Verified badge in your profile menu (as shown below). Switch between Binance Lite and Pro if desired.

Why does Binance delay or refuse account verification?

While Binance verification is seamless, non-compliance with the rules will delay account verification. The request may reject or delay the verification of your credentials for any of the following reasons:

  • Submitting an invalid ID or means of identification; Binance only accepts government-issued IDs, including your international passport, driver’s license, voter card, national ID card, PAN card, or Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Your country of residence does not match the presented ID.
  • The submitted ID has expired or is not the original copy.
  • Your presented ID is not readable or distorted during scanning. For example, Binance refuses black and white scans.
  • Binance will reject your login information if it does not match your personal information.

Try choosing authentication ID options that only accept serial number entries instead of scanning. While it may take longer to verify scanned IDs if the scanning process is faulty, Binance automatically assesses serial input such as your BVN or SSN; this can speed up the verification process.

Enjoy seamless trades on Binance

The advantage of Binance is to trade tokens quickly. But as mentioned, Binance limits you from such privileges if you do not have a verified account. The Binance verification process is simple, but the above issues can slow it down.

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