How old is Rhysand in a court of thorns and roses?

A court of roses and thorns Author Sarah J. Maas has not explicitly written Rhysand’s age, but subtle clues in the books offer information about his age. Hulu is currently developing A court of roses and thorns in a television series. The story follows Feyre Archeron, who is taken to the fairy kingdom of Prythian after she mistakenly kills a Fae.

The story features numerous Fae who have lived for centuries, but very few of their ages are actually discussed. One of the ages that is never mentioned in the book series is that of Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court. While Rhysand’s precise age in the main story’s time frame is left ambiguous, estimates can be made by looking at the ages of other Fae characters and the timelines of important events in Prythian history in A court of roses and thorns.

How old is Rhysand in a court of thorns and roses?

Although Sarah J. Maas has not indicated Rhysand’s age, observing the war between humans and fairies offers a clue as to what he may be. The war occurred 500 years before the events of A court of roses and thorns. Rhysand said he was 28 when he fought in the war. The war lasted seven years, so Rysand was 35 years old at the end of the war. This means at the beginning of A court of roses and thorns Rhysand is approximately 535 years old.

In Prythian, the higher Fae age slowly once they reach maturity. Although the exact lifespan of a Fae in A court of roses and thorns remains unknown, said the bone carver in A court of wings and ruin Chapter 23, “You are immortal, or you have lived long enough to appear so.” This suggests that despite having already lived more than 500 years, Rhysand should live several more centuries.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Chronology Explained

Rhysand was born to the then High Lord of the Night Court and an Illyrian seamstress, making him half High Fae and half Illyrian. Rhysand was eight years old when he was sent to the Illyrian war camp for training. Rhysand was called to serve in the war between the fairies and the humans when he was 28 years old. He and the rest of his Inner Circle fought on the side of mortals until a peace treaty was reached, which marked the creation of the magical wall between the two lands. Tamlin, who was the youngest son of the High Lord of the Spring Court, was too young at that time to fight. During several court functions, Rhysand met Tamlin and took him under his wing.

However, Tamlin’s father was threatened by Rhysand’s emerging power, so upon learning that Rhysand’s mother and sister would be alone in an Illyrian camp, he massacred them both. Rhysand and his father found out and were taken to Spring Court. Rhysand killed Tamlin’s older brothers, while his father killed Tamlin’s parents. The resulting feud culminated in Tamlin killing Rhysand’s father. That day, Rhysand and Tamlin became High Lords of their respective Courts and have hated each other ever since.

50 years before the start of A court of roses and thorns, Amarantha tricked the seven High Lords out of their power. She took control, became High Queen of Prythian and established her Court at Under the Mountain. Because Rhysand’s father killed her ally, Tamlin’s father, she took revenge on Rhysand, keeping him as her sex slave, thus creating the starting point of the main story, which is Rhysand’s fateful first meeting with Feyre. in A court of roses and thorns.

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