How to control your Smart Home with Apple Watch and Siri

While many people know that the Apple Watch does a great job of tracking health and fitness, it can do much more than that. Your Apple Watch is a great option for controlling a single smart home device or even an entire setup.

We’ll show you how to control a smart home on the Apple Watch using the Home app and even the power of Siri.

Find the Home app on your Apple Watch

First, you must already have the Home app installed and set up on an iPhone. As long as it’s active on your iPhone, the watch version will mirror what’s on your iPhone.

That means you can’t add devices, create and edit scenes, or adjust various automations. But that’s not a big drawback, as the watch really shines in quick and easy interactions.

There are a few ways to open the Home app on the Apple Watch. First, go to the app list by quickly pressing the Digital Crown and selecting Home. You can also use Siri and say “Open Home App.”

But the easiest way to get regular access to the app is to put a complication on a watch face. Simply pressing the Home icon will open the app automatically.

Using the Apple Watch Home app

The Home app on the Apple Watch is designed to look somewhat like its iPhone counterpart, just on a smaller screen.

At the top of the screen, you can quickly access the intercom feature that allows you to send voice messages to other Apple devices in the house. Read more about how Intercom works and how to set it up.

Below that, you’ll see icons that give you a quick update of all your HomeKit-enabled devices.

For example, you can see the temperatures throughout the house, how many lamps are on and more. Touch a circular icon to see more information and even control a specific device.

The next section lists your most recently used devices, such as lamps, for quick access.

Below that is a Cameras section. As you may have guessed, you select that to see the different cameras in your home. Scroll down with the Digital Crown or swipe the screen to see the last image from the camera.

When you select a camera, a live image is displayed. With compatible models, you can even listen in on what’s happening or press the microphone icon to talk to everyone near the camera. That’s perfect for doorbell cameras to send out a door-to-door seller or a delivery.

Right below that is the Scenes button. Select that and view all your scenes created. Press the name to activate a scene.

If you’re new to HomeKit, Scenes brings actions from multiple devices together into one operation. For example, you could create a Goodnight scene where all the lights in a house are turned off and the doors are locked at the same time.

At the bottom of the app, all your different rooms are created in HomeKit. Select a name to see the devices and scenes in a custom room. This is a perfect way to access smart devices in your home.

Take a closer look at the Home app on your Apple Watch.

While the Home app and Siri on the Apple Watch are great for quick and easy interactions with smart home devices, you’ll want to pull out an iPhone or iPad if you want to perform more advanced tasks.

Some of these include adding or removing a HomeKit device, customizing automation and building different HomeKit rooms, updating your device’s firmware, and more.

Say hello to Siri on Apple Watch

In some cases, using Siri on the Apple Watch is an even easier way to control devices, especially if you’re new to the smart home game. You are not stuck with the limited functionality of the Home app on the watch.

For new Apple Watch users, there are multiple ways to access Siri on the wearable device. The easiest is the Raise to Speak feature which is enabled by default. Just lift your wrist and then speak into the Apple Watch.

You can also just say the familiar “Hey Siri” wake word followed by your request. Finally, you can press the Digital Crown until the Siri waveform appears on the screen.

Find out more about the virtual assistant, see how to use Siri on the Apple Watch.

With Siri on the Apple Watch, you can both check and monitor the status of devices. So it is possible to lock or unlock your door or just check if it is locked.

One of the best options is to quickly ask Siri for a live camera view. Other tasks you can do with just the reach of the personal assistant, from simply turning the lights on or off in a specific room to changing the temperature of your thermostat.

After you say the command to Siri, you’ll see the text on the screen and hear and see Siri’s response.

Pay attention to Home App notification for more information

Like other apps, another big plus of using the Home app on your Apple Watch is notifications.

When your iPhone is locked, you’ll receive any notifications from the Home app on the Apple Watch’s small screen.

For example, with active notifications you can see exactly when someone locks or unlocks a door.

When you actively use your Apple Watch, notifications appear as a small banner on the screen. Tap it to see the notification in full view. Other times, the notification appears on the full screen of the watch.

To see missed notifications, swipe down from any watch face to see Notification Center.

Get the most out of a smart home with your Apple Watch

While the Apple Watch is not yet a replacement for your iPhone, the Home app and Siri allow you to quickly and easily communicate and control HomeKit-enabled smart home products.

And best of all, you can leave your iPhone in your pocket.

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