How to easily merge two faces with different tools

Merging two completely different faces from photos is always a great way to have fun. It’s a breeze to merge two separate images to create a brand new look, thanks to a wide variety of photo editing apps.

While you can do this with just a few clicks if you use the face mashup tools like FaceApp. However, if you want a more precise way to merge faces in photos, or even merge photos into one collection based on subject matter, you can opt to use advanced editing programs like the one below.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to merge two different faces into a brand new one using different programs.

How to merge two faces in Blender

Blender is a powerful open-source tool for creating 3D computer graphics. It is an all-encompassing program that allows users to edit, model, render, animate, sculpt and more in a solid workspace. Working in Blender is like sculpting, using geometric shapes to make models.

Creating 3D models, especially when editing and playing with humanoid-like features, can be challenging. Making 3D portraits in Blender obviously requires some knowledge of the program, but it’s not quantum physics anyway. If you want to merge two different faces into one, you need to learn how to merge the basic shapes that make them up.

To blend one portrait into another, you need to select multiple elements from one model, transfer them to another, and merge them. This way you get a smooth look for your model. Most importantly, your new 3D blended portrait won’t look like you just copied and pasted the features.

While there are a few ways to do this, here are some hacks you can do.

Multiple selections

For Blender 2.9 or higher versions, you can merge the images in the middle between the two faces and then select them both at once using the box selection tool. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Go to ‘Face selection mode’.
    z1 2
  2. Press the “B” key for the Box Selection tool and drag a rectangle around all the elements you want to select.
    z2 2
    • You can also use the Circle Selection tool by pressing “C” and drawing a circle around the selection.

Mesh tool

To blend portraits into one another, you need the merge tool. To use this, you must select a vertex, edge, or face. You can blend shapes in Blender 2.8 by going through the following steps.

  1. Go to the Mesh menu.
    z3 2
  2. Click on “Merge” in the menu (press the “M” key).
    z4 2
  3. The Merge menu will appear. When it appears, select how you want to merge your selection (At First, At Last, At Center, At Cursor, or Collapse)
    z5 2

Note that in older versions of Blender 2.8. you can merge the selected elements from the Vertex menu. Once there, you should choose “Merge Vertices”. An alternative way to access this option is to press the “alt+M” keys.

Here’s how to solve multiple faces in one image.

  1. Go to “Edit Mode” (Ctrl+Tab.)
    z8 2
  2. Select the middle border between the two faces.
    z6 2
  3. Press the “X” key and then click “Solve Faces”.
    z7 2

You can apply the same steps to solving faces, edges, and vertices by selecting the corresponding options from the menu.

Merging two faces in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular tool for editing photos or other non-video content. It’s also a necessary skill for both professional and personal use, and knowing the basics is something most people interested in photo editing should know.

Photoshop allows you to play around with the editing process. Knowing how to use essential tools and work with layers can work wonders if you are creative enough. You can place one person’s face on another person’s head or merge the facial features of two different people into an original image.

You should have both the photos of the two people in a high resolution and, if possible, with heads placed in the same way, as the result will look more realistic. Once you have the photos, open them in Photoshop and do the following.

  1. Copy the first image and paste it into a new layer. There you have the first layer.
  2. Use the lasso tool to select the face you want to stick on another person’s head.
  3. Go to ‘Select’ and then to ‘Change’ and choose ‘Spring’. Set the Feather Radius to 20 pixels.
  4. Press “Ctrl/Cmd+J” to place the crop in its layer.
  5. Delete the original layer of the face you just cut.
  6. Go to the cropped layer and lower the opacity until you can see the area below just enough.
  7. Align the top face and transform it with that of the bottom layer to fit together. Once you’ve done this, set the entire image’s opacity back to 100%.
  8. Use the eraser (best is a soft brush) to fine-tune around the eyes, nose and mouth. Make sure it shows a desired number of objects from the bottom layer.
  9. Go to “Levels” and adjust the settings to your preference, matching the hue, saturation, and color balance of both layers.

How to merge two faces on FaceApp

FaceApp is pure fun. FaceApp creations have become a viral trend, are incredibly easy to make, and the app offers many features for a fun experience. The mobile app offers several morphing tools, allowing you to put your face on a celebrity’s head or merge the faces of your friends.

FaceApp allows you to merge two faces to create an image of your hypothetical future child. You can do this by opening the “Our Children” effect.

Here’s how to do it on FaceApp.

  1. Open the FaceApp on your device.
    1 3
  2. Go to “Gallery” and select “Photo”.
    3 2
  3. Go to the “Face Swap” tab at the bottom of the screen.
    4 1
  4. Go to the “Face Swap” effect.
    5 2
  5. Choose a celebrity photo or a photo from your gallery.
    8 2
  6. Press the “Use” button and change the selected faces.
    6 2
  7. Preferably select “Our Daughter” or “Our Son”.
    7 2

Now you get an idea of ​​what your future children will look like – the faces will be merged into a new face.

Merge two faces in Google Photos

Google Photos has an automatic facial recognition feature that comes in handy when you want to group or merge photos of a person into one collection. However, many people have a problem with Google Photos and a tendency to create multiple templates for the same person.

Here’s how to merge or group several photos of the same person into one collection in Google Photos.

  1. Go to Google Photos on the web and then go to your account.
    z1 3
  2. Open your albums and open the “People” tab.
    z2 3
  3. Select the people/collections you want to merge under one name.
    z3 3
  4. Click on ‘Same’.
    z4 4

It’s Morphing Time!

Merging two faces in a photo can be done for several reasons, but the most common is for fun. Sometimes when you share a close bond with a friend, putting your faces together in a photo is a fun way to express this closeness. Or you want your face on the head of a celebrity you admire.

With many face changer tools appearing in the app market these days, it has never been easier and faster to perform. Choose which tool suits you best and get creative!

What tools do you use to merge the faces in images? Tell us in the comments below!

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