How to remap your Xbox One controller buttons

Not a fan of the standard Xbox One controller button layout? There is an app that allows you to remap everything to your liking.

Unlike previous consoles, you can remap the buttons on your Xbox One controller, giving you more control over your gaming experience.

However, changing the buttons on the controller isn’t as easy as going into the Settings app. No, Microsoft decided to make it a little harder. Don’t worry though, as the process isn’t too painful.

Change the button assignments on your Xbox One controller

Changing the button assignments on your Xbox One controller is very easy and can be done in just a few steps.

  1. Launch the Xbox Accessories app. If you can’t find it, go to Settings > Devices & Connections > Accessories and press A to open it.
  2. Press Configure.
  3. Press New profilegive it a name and then press Menu.
  4. You can now assign all buttons any way you want. When you’re done, press B and it will be saved automatically. Make sure to use the new profile you created for the button assignments to work correctly.

You should now have your controller mapped the way you want it. On that same page, you can also swap sticks and triggers, reverse the Y-axis of the right/left stick, and toggle vibrations on/off.

There are even more adjustments you can make when using an Elite controller because of the extra triggers on the back. Be sure to read how to connect and sync an Xbox One controller if you’re having trouble connecting one to your console.

Play your way with custom button assignments

Having customizable button assignments is a great way to make sure you’re in control of the way you play. Being forced to play in a standardized way probably won’t bring you much success when playing online, which could put you off.

Thankfully, Xbox is really liberal when it comes to Xbox One’s adaptability and functionality with other platforms.

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