How to Transfer Your Spotify Library to Apple Music for Free

Switching from Spotify to Apple Music doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your music library. You can even use third-party services like SongShift or TuneMyMusic to transfer your entire music library between the two subscription services.

We explain how you can use these services to transfer your music library including playlists, albums and songs from Spotify to Apple Music for free. So there’s nothing stopping you from making the switch.

What you can and can’t transfer to Apple Music

Neither Apple Music nor Spotify offers a built-in feature that allows you to transfer your music library from one service to another. However, a range of third-party apps and services exist to fill that gap.

Almost any music transfer service allows you to transfer the following data from your library:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer everything from Spotify to Apple Music. For example, you cannot transfer any of the following data:

  • Artists: There is no feature to track artists in Apple Music.
  • Podcasts: There are no podcasts in Apple Music.
  • Historical data: You cannot transfer your playback history, number of plays, or other such data between services.
  • Local files: To transfer original music stored on your computer, you need to manually import those songs to your Apple Music library.

The only way to add artists to your library in Apple Music is to add an album or song by that artist.

There may also be songs in your Spotify library that are not available on Apple Music. If this is the case, you won’t be able to transfer those songs either. However, it is quite rare that music is available on only one streaming service these days.

Choose the best app to transfer your music library

As we mentioned, there are many different apps and services that allow you to transfer your music library from Spotify to Apple Music. We recommend using SongShift or TuneMyMusic.


SongShift is easily the most popular music library transfer app. You can use it to transfer your entire music library from Spotify to Apple Music for free, so we recommend it to most people to use it.

However, there are a few drawbacks to SongShift:

  • It is only available for iOS and iPadOS devices.
  • SongShift does not work with Spotify curated playlists, such as the Daily Mix or Release Radar playlists.
  • If you don’t want to transfer your entire library, you can only transfer one song, album, or playlist at a time unless you pay for a subscription.

If any of these issues are a deal breaker for you, check out TuneMyMusic.

to download: SongShift for iOS (Free, subscription available)


You can transfer everything from your music library with TuneMyMusic, including Spotify curated playlists, which don’t work with SongShift. These playlists are often one of Spotify’s biggest advantages when comparing Spotify to Apple Music, so it’s good to take them with you.

However, there are also some drawbacks to TuneMyMusic:

  • With TuneMyMusic, you can transfer only 500 songs for free.
  • It’s not that easy to find and fix errors before transferring them, which you can do with SongShift.

Unlike SongShift, which is an iPhone or iPad app, TuneMyMusic is a browser-based service. This means that you can use it from a browser on any device, although it is easiest to use from a computer.

Visit: (Free, subscription available)

Transfer music from Spotify to Apple Music

Whatever app or service you use to transfer your music library from Spotify to Apple Music, you need to follow the same three steps:

  1. Connect the service to your Spotify and Apple Music accounts.
  2. Select the Spotify playlists, albums or songs you want to transfer.
  3. Tell the service to add that music to your Apple Music library.

For this to work, you need an active Apple Music subscription. You don’t need a Spotify Premium subscription; the free Spotify subscription works just as well.

You should also make sure that Apple Music is set to: Sync Library. Enable this option by going to . to go Settings > Music on an iPhone or in the relevant Apple Music settings on your specific device.

Since SongShift is the most popular app to use for this, we provide detailed instructions on how to use it below.

Step 1. Connect your Spotify and Apple Music accounts

After starting SongShift, tap the Spotify and Apple Music options to log into each account. You must enter your email address and password to log in to each service.

When you do this, you may be prompted to allow SongShift playback and make changes to your music library. You must allow this to transfer all music successfully.

Step 2. Select the music to transfer

After connecting, press Get started and tap the Add (+) to create a new Shift.

Tap Set source and use the tabs to choose whether to Album, playlistor Song. If you want to transfer your entire library in one go, choose Album.

After choosing the type of music you want to transfer, select Spotify as the source service and touch Get on.

You will now see a list of all albums, playlists or songs in your Spotify library. Select the one you want to transfer. If you want to transfer several at once, you need a premium subscription. If you chose Album above, you can choose to have a Full library transfer free.

When you’re done, tap Done and use the Set destination button to set Apple Music as the destination. This may populate automatically if Apple Music is your only other connected service.

Step 3. Transfer Music from Spotify to Apple Music

When you tap I’m readySongShift will process the music you transfer to search for matching songs on Apple Music.

Once that’s done, your Shift Ready for review, which allows you to check if all numbers match correctly. You also see every Failed Matcheswhere SongShift couldn’t find the right song in Apple Music.

If SongShift did something wrong, just tap the Pencil icon and search for a match yourself. Otherwise, tap Confirm matches to start the transfer.

SongShift will now add those songs, albums or playlists to your Apple Music library. A progress bar shows how many tracks remain to be transferred. Transferred music will immediately appear in your Apple Music library.

Enjoy the best features of Apple Music

It may seem like a hassle to transfer your music library from Spotify to Apple Music, but SongShift or TuneMyMusic will do most of the work for you. Once the transfer is completed, you can enjoy the best Apple Music features, such as Live Lyrics and Dolby Atmos audio.

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