How to use Share Screen on your PS5 (and what it does)

Have you ever wanted to show your friends an amazing live gameplay moment on PS5? Well, you can with Share Screen! Here’s how.

Have you ever played a game on your PlayStation 5 and thought, “I wish my friends could see me play this game”?

While it’s great to have your friends physically with you in the same room while you’re playing a game, Sony has the second best. This feature is known as Share Screen and we are going to explain what it is and how to use it.

What is the Share Screen feature on PS5?

In a nutshell, Share Screen on PlayStation 5 lets you stream your live gameplay sessions to your friends in a Party.

While screen sharing on PS5, your friends will not be able to see content that is considered private, such as your dashboard or blocked game cutscenes.

Share Screen even has a picture-in-picture mode that allows you to watch your friends play while you play – their screen appears as a small floating window on your screen.

You can also pin their screen to the side if you don’t want it floating above yours. So essentially you can play Elden Ring while your friend plays Ratchet & Clank so you both can see what the other is doing.

In addition, while sharing the screen, you can activate Share Play on your PlayStation 5, allowing you to share your games with friends and vice versa. You can also read our guide on how to enable game sharing on PS5 to find out how else you can share games with others.

How to Use Share Screen on PS5

To use the Share Screen feature on your PS5, first press the PS button on your DualSense controller and select Game base.

Then select celebrate (the headset icon with a microphone on it) on the left side of the window. Then choose on the right with which party you want to share your screen.

In the voice chat window, press the Share screen knob. It’s the button with two screens and a curved arrow below it (it’s in the menu below the drop-down list of names).

This will start a Screen Share session and your friends in the Party will receive a notification inviting them to join. Once they have accepted the invitation, a card will appear when they press the PS button. They just need to select the card to view your screen.

Now you can play your game while your friends are watching it. When you’re done, go back to the voice chat window and press the Share screen button again to stop sharing your screen.

Sharing your screen on PS5 is easy

As you can see, using the Screen Share feature on PS5 is not that difficult. Once you launch it, your friends can watch your awesome gameplay footage live while you chat with them during the session.

While this social gaming feature is virtual, it comes closest to having your friend next to you when they are physically unable to be in the same room with you.

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