How to View Your Old Spotify Packaged Playlists

Spotify Wrapped is something all Spotify users look forward to. It shows you all your top songs and artists you’ve been jamming to all year, along with other fun facts. One of the best parts is that it generates a custom playlist of all your top songs of the year.

But what if you don’t save this playlist? After Wrapped is gone, is your playlist gone too? Fortunately, no. You can view this year’s Wrapped playlist and your playlist from past years at any time. So if you want to see your old Spotify Wrapped playlists, here’s how to do it.

How to View Your Current Spotify Wrapped Playlist

During the period when Spotify Wrapped is released, usually December 1, you should see the Spotify Wrapped section on your home page when you open the app. There you will see a playlist called Your top numbers 2021 (or whatever the year is). This playlist contains all of your most played songs of that year, regardless of whether the song or artist made it to your top five in Spotify Wrapped.

How to View Your Older Spotify Packaged Playlists

Viewing your past playlists is easy. However, Spotify does not yet have a dedicated page in the app to do this.

So, to view your older playlists, you need to log into Spotify on your desktop and access the links below. You can also access these links on any mobile device and the Spotify app will open if you have downloaded it.

View your playlists:

The great thing about these playlists is that you not only see your top songs, but also the most popular songs and artists of that year.

You can also search Your top songs from in the search bar, and you can find your playlist there. However, some users create playlists under the same name, and they will appear.

If you’re looking for more features similar to Spotify Wrapped, there are other great Spotify apps that can give you insights into your listening habits.

How to Save Your Spotify Packaged Playlists

To save these playlists to your current library without reopening the links, tap the heart button to save them to your library.

Make sure to save them in ascending order from oldest to newest to keep them in chronological order. You can also share your Spotify playlists with friends.

Remember your past through your old Spotify playlists

While it can be fun to jam to songs you used to love, music also brings back memories. By saving these playlists, you can have a time capsule on your Spotify profile. It’s nice to remember what we were doing or where we were when we listened to our favorite songs from that year.

Knowing how to see your old Spotify Wrapped playlists will help you dig up this time capsule anytime. Hopefully Spotify will keep making these playlists so you can listen to what you’re listening to in 10 years.

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