“I am the boy. You gave me your fears”: Grogu’s nickname has just been stolen by one of the creepiest Star Wars villains

The Mandalorian Grogu just had his original nickname stolen one of Star Wars New, creepier villains. Before Din Djarin knew Grogu’s name in The Mandalorian In season 2, his charge was referred to simply as “The Child”. Now, that name belongs to a truly disturbing enemy thanks to the galaxy dark droids Cross.

As seen in Star Wars: Dark Droids #4 By Charles Soule and Luke Ross, the sentient droid virus known as Scourge has split into different droid bodies, each with different aspects of the primary Scourge’s traits to manage the influx of data coming from the countless droids it has corrupted into one massive mass. hive mind. The Ancient One represents the past Plague before it merged with the dark side technology known as Spark Eternal. Likewise, the Warrior and the Scholar represent all the resources, tactics and knowledge that the Scourge has at its disposal. However, the final droid is easily the creepiest of this dark new droid council.

Known as “The Child”, this droid is much smaller and seemingly more innocent than all the others who represent Scourge’s divided psyche. Questioning the grand mission of consuming more than metal and the Scourge’s new desire to consume everything in the galaxy (including organics), The Child is a contrarian voice among the assembled assembly, though that doesn’t make him any less terrifying. considering what it represents. in this new Star Wars Cross.

The boy represents the fears and doubts of the Plague

He is quite disturbing

The Boy and the Scholar in Star Wars Dark Droids #4

Representing the fears and worries of the Scourge himself, The Boy’s knees-to-chest personality is quite unpleasant considering what he really is. Essentially, The Child is the anxious voice of a predatory, galaxy-consuming AI. It is Scourge’s doubt given his own separate body and voice, urging caution and at the same time motivating Scourge to question his own motives and his mission to consume everything and everyone in the galaxy.

The Child also makes sure that the main Scourge does not forget about the droids that resist his influence, wanting to ensure that they are not caught off guard. At the same time, The Child gets Scourge to temporarily stop and question whether he has the right to consume in the first place, discovering that the whole process of murder and corruption is an ugly business that he wishes he didn’t have to do. However, The Child eventually accepts the Primal Scourge and the need to satisfy his collective hunger for both metal and flesh. dark droids keep going.

Could the child be the scourge’s undoing?

The scourge can abandon its mission

The Scourge of Star Wars and Darth Vader.

Beyond his incredibly creepy nature and the theft of Grogu’s original nickname, The Child could also end up being a major chink in Scourge’s armor. The doubt and fear it represents could certainly become a weakness, a definitive sign with which the Scourge could be reasoned with or even convinced to abandon its mission entirely, perhaps even by the Child himself. This could prove especially true if the Empire, the Rebellion, and/or more forces across the galaxy begin hunting him down in future editions of the galactic crossover. In any case, horror elements were promised with dark droids, and the crossover certainly continues to deliver.

Star Wars: Dark Droids #4 is now available at Marvel Comics

Star Wars: Dark Droids #4 (2023)

Cover art for Star Wars Dark Droids #4

  • Writer: Charles Soulé
  • Artist: Lucas Ross
  • Colorist: Alex Sinclair
  • Letterer: Travis Lanham
  • Cover artist: Leinil Francis Yu and Rómulo Fajardo Jr.

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