‘I don’t belong here’: Batman admits his fighting skills can’t overcome any challenge

There are few people on Earth who have trained their bodies to the point of perfection like bat Man. She has traveled the world and learned from the best of the best, simply so she can fight crime in every scenario imaginable. He has learned everything he can about human pressure points, how to design and deploy unprecedented weapons and devices, and much more. Unfortunately, Batman has just realized that all of these abilities are completely useless when he is taken off the planet and forced to fight in outer space for the first time in his career.

Batman will find himself completely out of his depth in the next few years. Batman: Out of World #1 by Jason Aaron, Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, David Baron and Troy Peteri. This story shows a Batman still quite early in his career, unexpectedly transported into space.






The conceit of the comic is that this is Batman’s first time encountering aliens, and they catch him completely off guard. Bruce spent decades training to be a martial artist on Earth. Fighting in space with different gravity causes Bruce to realize that none of his abilities are working properly.

Batman doesn’t know how to fight in space

Bruce had to develop his skills to combat alien enemies

batman out of the world

Batman is one of the most highly trained fighters on the planet, but his original skill set was based on faulty assumptions. Bruce spent years studying to protect Gotham, but then quickly expanded the scope of his mission beyond his hometown and even his home planet. In his early days as Batman, Bruce really only dealt with low-level criminals. The more monstrous members of his rogues gallery, such as Clayface and Killer Croc, did not appear until much later. Batman eventually improved his skills to allow him to adapt to a world of the unexpected, but Batman: out of the world describes a point in your career where you may be immediately and completely bewildered.

Suddenly being thrust into a situation where Batman isn’t used to gravity or the enemies he’s fighting has completely eliminated the advantage Bruce would normally have. Even the psychological advantages, like the use of fear that Batman has relied on, are completely out of place when he faces off against aliens who don’t even know what a bat is. Batman: out of the world begins with the fascinating promise of a Batman who essentially has to learn a new set of skills, rather than being the super-competent hero he currently is.

Batman is being challenged to evolve

Off-World tells the story of the Dark Knight who grows beyond Gotham

Batman floating in space

Batman: out of the world promises to answer the question of what happens to the most prepared man in the world when he finds himself in a situation he never imagined. Batman thrives on fighting enemies that have predefined and easily exploitable weaknesses, so when he’s suddenly forced to fight a group of aliens in conditions where his weapons and training don’t apply, it’s an incredible test of the core of Bruce’s willpower and ability. bat Man has a reputation for being able to react instantly to any threat, and World off is showing fans where that started.

Batman: Out of World #1 It’s on sale at DC Comics on November 21!

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