“I don’t like him”: Dragon Ball creator confirms popular theory about a fan-favorite character

Dragon BallThe author of Akira Toriyama has a surprising opinion about one of the most popular characters in his franchise. It would seem obvious that a creator likes the characters who are the protagonists of his stories, especially the key figures like Goku and Vegeta who drive a franchise. However, as Toriyama reveals, sometimes creators really don’t like their characters, even those who are incredibly popular with fans.

In a 1995 interview published in the data book Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 2 and filed in the Dragon Ball Kanzenshuu superfan websiteToriyama pulls back the curtain on a wide range of topics related to the creation of Dragon Ball. In response to a series of questions exploring the transition of the story’s theme out of its Journey to the West beginning In addition to his iconic battle tournament motif, Toriyama is asked which of his villains he prefers. Without hesitation, Toriyama points out Demon King Piccolo as his favorite villain. Then, without anyone prompting him, he goes on to say: “With Vegeta, well, I don’t like him very much, but it was a big help to have him around.“.

Despite Vegeta’s leading role, Toriyama never liked him

The 1995 interview confirms a fan theory about Vegeta’s constant humiliation in the series.

Toriyama’s statement about Vegeta is shocking on several levels. While Vegeta started out as an unpleasant villain, his rehabilitation became an example for countless similar stories in manga and anime. Vegeta’s status has now grown to the point where he is part of a healthy dynamic duo with Goku, so it doesn’t seem like he’s a character Toriyama doesn’t like. Toriyama admits Vegeta’s usefulness to the story, which is likely a nod to the character’s popularity among fans.

Secondly, Toriyama’s comments corroborate an old fan theory that he never liked Vegeta. This fan theory is based on Toriyama’s treatment of Vegeta throughout the saga. According to the theory, no matter how much fans want Vegeta to finally surpass Goku, Toriyama will never allow it. In fact, fans point out the numerous occasions when Vegeta, after showing off his newest power, is beaten mercilessly by the villain of the story. Unfortunately, this trend has continued even in Dragon Ball Superwhere Vegeta reached impressive heights of strength, but was still defeated by Moro, Zamasu, and Granolah.

Goku vs. Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z.

It must be taken into account, however, that in 1995 (the year the interview was published) the original Dragon Ball The manga had just ended and the franchise was still on its way to becoming one of the most popular franchises in history. In the decades since, Toriyama may have had the opportunity to reevaluate his appreciation of Vegeta, considering how popular the character is and how much he contributed to the success of the franchise. Still, Dragon Ball fans who believe that Toriyama’s dislike for Vegeta is the reason for all the humiliations suffered by the Saiyan Prince. They will be quick to point out this interview as the definitive proof of their theory.

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