‘I saw this coming’: TikToker says Sumner Stroh, who accused Adam Levine of affair, bullied her as a teenager

'I saw this coming': TikToker says Sumner Stroh, who accused


Speculation and commentary swelled around Sumner Stroh’s alleged affair with Adam Levine when a TikToker said she is Stroh’s former camp mate and that the Instagram model has a tendency to bully.

Rachel Badger’s TikTok video went viral on Tuesday after she shared photos of their time together at the camp and expressed her personal belief that the Sumner-Adam scandal was created to increase the model’s influence.

“I saw this coming,” Badger says in the video. “I wish her nothing but the best, but she’s not a nice person. The way she treated me when I was in camp ruined part of my experience.”

Stroh, 23, first made claims on Monday about her alleged affair with Levine. She claims the rock star manipulated her into an affair, and she used alleged screenshots from their DMs to bolster her case. Since then, Levine has denied any allegations of physical contact with Stroh and apologized on Instagram for flirting with her.

“[I] used poor judgment to talk to anyone other than my wife in ANY flirtatious way,” Levine wrote.

Badger’s video was viewed 114,000 times and received 542 comments, most praising her for coming forward and speaking out about bullies. In the reactions, Badger mainly gets support for her social media share.

As skepticism grew around Stroh’s alleged affair, followers expected input from people who knew Stroh personally.

Badger told the News All Day that she first went to the same summer camp in Central Texas as Stroh in 2010. She says she didn’t know Stroh well at first, but they were in the same age group, so they interacted through camp activities.

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Badger said the bullying started that year but progressed after being assigned to the same huts in 2015 and 2016.

“I had two people come out of my cabin who apologized and said they were influenced by Sumner. One of them told me she would go around and tell people not to be friends with me because I was weird or too friendly,” Badger told the News All Day. “I always thought it was because of how I looked or how much I weighed.”

Stroh did not respond to the News All Day’s request for comment.