‘I swear customer service must be one of the highest paying jobs’: Call center agent shares ‘customer interaction’ that reportedly got him fired from Geico

'I swear customer service must be one of the highest


Sometimes customer service can make even the most patient person want to take a picture.

And that’s what TikToker Earrien Freeman (@therealearrien) showed in his latest video, where he reenacts a situation where he claimed he was fired from a call center job at Geico.

In the video, the “customer” on the other line asks for a tow truck because their car has stopped working. Freeman asks what vehicle the person is in after tracking down their policy, which frustrates the customer. Freeman then asks for their location.

‘Can’t you track me down? I don’t have time to give you all that damn information,” the customer shouts.

“I’m sorry sir. I need all this information so I can send someone to help you,” Freeman replies as the customer continues to express his frustration. I’m just saying you don’t even know me I got your address and everything fam… You don’t even know nothing about me I could come squirting your shit This ain’t none of that Pipe down fam; calm fam; I’m trying to help you.”

“I’m sorry I’m just frustrated,” the customer responds calmly.

@therealearrien The reason I was fired from the call center job😭 #earrien #call center #to live #function #laid off ♬ original sound – Earrien Freeman

According to a report by the artificial intelligence company ASAPP, approximately 81% of call center workers say they experience some level of verbal abuse from customers. Nearly 80% of call center workers believe companies should have policies in place that allow them to end a conversation with aggressive customers.

It’s unclear if Freeman was actually a Geico worker or if his video was just a skit. However, commentators on Freeman’s video were quick to laugh at his humor-driven delivery and also shared their experience working in the same trade.

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“I swear customer service has to be one of the highest paying jobs!” said one commenter.

“That’s me. Man, I’m canceling [your] whole policy. Take it easy. I’m [trying to] help you!!” said another commenter.

“Same job. Same department. This guy is NOT lying,” replied another commenter.


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