‘I Won’t Be A Beta Guy’: Hinge Date Sends Venmo Drink Request After Woman Refuses To Go Home With Him

'I Won't Be A Beta Guy': Hinge Date Sends Venmo


A TikToker who had a terrible first date coughs up the receipts about the exchange that happened afterward, including a Venmo request.

Peyton (@peytonriddle) initially posted a video detailing how the date itself, arranged through Hinge, went after the man she was meeting with arrived 45 minutes late at the restaurant where he asked her to meet him. Meet.

“He eventually picks me up to go elsewhere and I get in his car and we drive into a parking garage and he tries to show me something on his phone. There’s porn on his phone. And he’s not responding,” recalls she herself.

It sounds like things just evolved further from there, with his attempts to “make things less weird”. She notes that he actually only makes things more awkward with prying questions, “inappropriate” stories about him in medical school, and the mind-boggling decision to call Peyton “poor” in her face after telling him there was something in her face. car was broken into. The whole thing is best heard in her own words, because it really does sound weirder than fiction.


My worst date ever how does the story get worse and worse

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Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t interested in moving on, which is what reportedly prompted him to say, “I won’t be a beta male. Either you’re going home with me, or you’re going to pay for your drinks I just bought you.’

Peyton says she sent him $40 on the spot through Venmo so she never had to see him again, but that wasn’t the end of the story.

Not only did he allegedly follow up on a Venmo request for an extra $20, but she says he also had the audacity to beg for another chance while continuing to insult her.

She the text messages shared as well as subsequent Instagram posts after she blocked his number, including the man who insisted he’s a “pretty good… and unique lol dude”, sent pictures of his dog and claimed he “won’t press if you don’t see what’s special about me” while he continues to print for weeks.

“Would you hold on a little longer, I left early,” reads one of the latest messages, despite Peyton refusing to respond to his previous messages and making it clear once again that she didn’t want to see him a second time. “Yes or no, don’t be a drama queen.”

“Okay, you suck,” he concluded.

The viewers were blown away.

“How do I develop the personality to text someone so many times without getting a response?” asked @lucacastile.

“Sometimes I think I’m desperate and then I see guys behaving like this,” burst in @chickenshitty.

Several expressed concern that this guy would eventually become a doctor and be around patients, while @bellamderiso quipped, “he obviously has time for the drama.”

“It gives a restraining order”, @calmdownsally427.

The saga appears to have ended in July, but Peyton has hooked a slew of viewers when this Hinge date from hell decides to slip back to where he hasn’t been blocked yet.

The News All Day has reached out to Peyton via TikTok comment.

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