Invincible Season 2 Begins the Tragic Romance Story You’re Not Ready for

Yeah Invincible Season 2 sticks closely to the comics, the Amazon series will begin a tragic romance story that viewers may not be prepared for. Invincible has He made it clear from the beginning that he will not beat around the bush about its most tragic elements. Mark idolizes his father in season 1, but the show reveals that Omni-Man is a murderer when he kills the Guardians of the Globe and then many innocent people in Chicago. When Mark finally discovers the truth, it crushes him.

There is no reason to think InvincibleThe characters will fare better when it comes to romance, and season 2’s alternate universe Mark and Eve hint at dark fates for its main players. Throughout season 1, Invincible highlights the struggles that come with being a superhero – especially one trying to balance a relationship with saving people. While Mark’s relationship with Amber is resolved in the first few episodes of season 2, it’s unknown if it will end well. both seasons of Invincible Also emphasize how Omni-Man’s betrayal destroys Debbie. Love has a cost in this world, and if season 2 follows the comics, the most tragic romance is just beginning.

Rudy and Monster Girl’s romance is doomed according to the comics

Just like in the show, Robot (or Rudy) and Monster Girl form a relationship in the Invincible comic books. In both iterations of the story, they form a connection because they realize they are cursed in a similar way. However, their relationship doesn’t work in the source material and becomes quite complicated. Betrayal, changes in priorities and the lust for power are factors that explain why their romance ends in tragedy.

Amazon Invincible The adaptation doesn’t follow everything from the comics, but it mostly covers the same beats. Robot and Monster Girl’s dynamic in season 1 is similar to their relationship in the source material, making it one of the best stories of the first outing. Unfortunately, The accuracy of their on-screen relationship probably means the characters are doomed.unless Invincible makes more changes to the comics.

What happens to Rudy and Monster Girl’s relationship in The Invincible Comics?

To say it doesn’t end well is an understatement.

Rudy and Monster Girl after a fight

Rudy and Monster Girl’s relationship begins the same way in the comics and the show: Robot forms a connection with Monster Girl upon realizing that, like him, she has a curse she must live with. He goes to great lengths to find the rare flower that saves his life and helps the Mauler twins escape from it so they can form a human body roughly the same age as hers. Their relationship goes further in the comics, and Rudy even helps her invent a belt that prevents her from aging after her transformations.

When the Flaxans try to take over Earth again, Rudy and Monster Girl fight them on their own planet. After successfully overthrowing the Flaxan empire, a feat hundreds of years in the making, the two become lovers. However, Rudy becomes obsessed with ruling the new Flaxan civilization and makes Monster Girl deprioritize her. Eventually she turns against him in multiple rebellions. She also has an affair with Flaxan, which he takes very seriously. Upon returning to Earth, the two reconcile, but Rudy attempts to kill her during an attempt to conquer the planet. While Monster Girl survives, The two never make peace after the assassination attempt..

Despite their shared connection at the beginning Invincible, Robot and Monster Girl’s incompatible life goals eventually drove them apart. It’s unclear if the Amazon series will cover all of his struggles, but even if it condenses his years away from Earth, they will likely be separated in the same way as the source material. Therefore, the story of Rudy and Monster Girl can become one of Invincible‘s more tragic.

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