‘It retraumatizes again and again, and for what?’: Family member of Jeffrey Dahmer victim condemns new Netflix show

'It retraumatizes again and again, and for what?': Family member


The New Ryan Murphy Netflix Series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story premiered this week and has already received lukewarm reviews and reactions from the family of one of Dahmer’s victims.

Murphy regular Evan Peters plays the serial killer with deadly ease, but the series spends way too much time on his heinous crimes. Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee in 1991 for multiple murders of young men and boys, and he was murdered in prison in 1994. The series covers the 1992 trial and recreates a real scene where Rita Isbell, older sister of victim Errol Lindsey, addresses Dahmer in court.

On Thursday, a Twitter user named Eric, Isbell’s cousin, tweeted about the series and that scene in particular. “I know true crime media is huge, but if you’re really curious about the victims, my family (the Isbell’s) is mad about this show,” Eric wrote. “It’s traumatizing again and again, and for what? How many movies/shows/documentaries do we need?”

There was already a Dahmer movie, My friend Dahmerin 2017, in addition to the 2012 document The Jeffrey Dahmer Files and 2002’s Dahmer, in which Jeremy Renner played the titular killer. Ryan Murphy and exploitation its synonym and another Dahmer series is not needed at this time.

But more relatives of murder victims have come forward about movies and series they find exploitative, and true crime content is now viewed much more critically.

Eric also made it clear if the family had been contacted about the series. “To answer the main question, no, they don’t notify families when they do this. It’s all public, so they don’t have to notify (or pay) anyone. My family found out when everyone else did.”

People are also calling for John Balcerzak and Joseph Gabrish, the Milwaukee Police Department who returned 14-year-old victim Konerak Sinthasomphone to Dahmer after he escapes from his apartment. The boy was subsequently murdered as a result. Balcerzak later became head of the Milwaukee Police Association.

We reached out to Eric for comment via Twitter direct message.

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