“Khonshu VS. Khonshu!”: Moon Knight vs Hunter’s Moon resolves Khonshu’s ultimate avatar

the new marvel Moon Knight is ready to take Hunter’s Moon in a battle to determine who is the ultimate avatar of Khonshu. Marc Spector’s time as Moon Knight has come to an end, but now a mysterious new Fist of Khonshu has emerged. While there is speculation about who the new Moon Knight is, they are ready to take on Hunter’s Moon in Moon Knight’s Revenge #2, in an explosive battle that could destroy the Midnight Mission.

Marvel shared a first look at Moon Knight’s Revenge Cover of number 2, by David Finch, with AIPT.

The issue will be written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Alessandro Cappuccio. Marvel also shared the request for the book:

Khonshu vs. Khonshu!

Fist of Khonshu battles Fist of Khonshu as the new Moon Knight takes the fight to Midnight Mission and Hunter’s Moon, but what could drive the brothers into battle? And since the Mission is a battlefield, what happens to those who seek help?

Finch’s cover shows Hunter’s Moon leaping into battle against the new dark-clad Moon Knight.

Marvel is taking Moon Knight to the next level… by killing him

Moon Knight's Revenge

Moon Knight’s Revenge is the culmination of the last two years of MacKay and Cappuccio’s run with the character, which began with the opening of Midnight Mission. Dedicated to protecting travelers at night, Mission and Moon Knight soon found themselves facing off against vampires and other monsters, as well as a group of classic villains. The duo also introduced Hunter’s Moon, another much more enthusiastic Fist of Khonshu. Finally, they will seal the race by killing Marc Spector and creating a new Moon Knight. Dressed in black, this new Moon Knight will be as deadly as his predecessor.

And they will face their first big challenge in Hunter’s Moon. Moon believes that Marc Spector has strayed from Khonshu’s teachings and initially came to return him to the path of righteousness. It remains to be seen how Spector’s death will affect Hunter’s Moon, but he viewed him as a brother. Hunter’s Moon could see the new Moon Knight as an intruder, not only into Spector’s legacy, but also as an avatar of Khonshu. Hunter’s Moon is more violent than Spector and Marvel has hinted that this new Moon Knight is just as extreme, meaning a showdown between the two will be epic.

What will happen to the midnight mission?


Unfortunately, the request for Moon Knight’s Revenge Issue #2 implies that the Midnight Mission, so near and dear to Marc Spector’s heart, will suffer during the coming battle. Hunter’s Moon is now apparently running the Mission, and the new Moon Knight will arrive there for reasons still unknown. Hunter’s Moon could not only see the new Moon Knight as a stain on Marc and Moon Knight’s legacy, but also on the Midnight Mission. The battle between Hunter’s Moon and the new Moon Knight will decide not only who is the ultimate avatar of Khonshu, but also the fate of the Midnight Mission.

Fountain: AIPT

Revenge of Moon Knight #2 will be on sale February 14 from Marvel Comics!

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