Marvel Zombies cosplay is the darkest version yet of Wolverine and Captain America

The Marvel Universe is home to many different alternate realities that put unique spins on iconic heroes, like the X-Men. Glutton and the avengers Captain Americawith the disgusting world of the undead Marvel Zombies being one of the most popular and brutal parallel Earths that exist. And now, in a new cosplay image, The deteriorated remains of Logan and Cap have been brought back to life. With a taste for brains and a live-action look that kills!

Shared on social media via Instagram by the Wolverine and Captain America cosplayers in the image (@batsturd and @o.b_arkhamrespectively), Both creative talents are well known for their professional level costume designs. that make Hollywood productions look boring in comparison.

Usually dressed as The Dark Knight, @o.b_arkham has donned some of Batman’s different costumes, and his basic Captain America suit also does justice to Steve Rogers’ superhero alter ego. Similarly, @batsturd excels at bringing Batman and Wolverine to life, with his unique combo cosplays, like a Batman x Punisher skin and a Hellverine skin, always impressive.

Wolverine and Captain America look disgusting in Marvel Zombies cosplay

A series that premiered in 2005, Marvel ZombiesFirst written by Robert Kirkman and artist Sean Phillips, it took the comics world by storm after turning some of the House of Ideas’ most popular and iconic characters into crawling monsters craving meat. Over time, almost all of Marvel’s heroes and villains came under the thrall of the undead. In over ten different zombie-related series, it’s surprising why there haven’t been more cosplays featuring the undead versions of these characters, with @batsturd and @o.b_arkham showing how it’s done in a way that comic fans will appreciate. thank.

Virtually unrecognizable thanks to some curated photo editing by @batsturd, this image was stitched together with a photo of Cap taken by @ryansimsphotography and shows both heroes looking downright disgusting in all their decadent glory. Pierced by arrows and snarling with jaws and skin half peeled off, @batsturd and @o.b_arkham They perfectly embody the almost dismembered bodies of these vicious versions of Wolverine and Captain America.Not to mention how cool the non-zombified parts of their homemade outfits have turned out, with Wolverine’s brown suit and Cap’s original string set looking as comical as can be expected from these creators.

Zombie Captain America and Wolverine Team Up in New Cosplay Image

captain america zombie in mcu and yes

So while there always seems to be some kind of Marvel Zombies content stocking shelves of comics, as well as a yet-to-be-released Disney+ animated show of the same name to get fans excited, the only place you can see live-action versions of these undead characters is in the cosplay community . , courtesy of @batsturd and @o.b_arkham. The undead remains of Marvel Zombies‘most iconic heroes in Glutton and Captain America They’re a disgusting sight to see, so here’s hoping more zombified characters get the cosplay treatment soon!

Fountain: @batsturd and @o.b_arkham

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