Meet the 15 most powerful executives leading YouTube through a new era as it doubles down on podcasts and games and takes on TikTok

  • YouTube remains the most popular video site among teens, even as the company faces the rise of TikTok.
  • Areas like YouTube TV that once seemed costly mistakes have become important parts of the business.
  • Some old YouTube managers have stepped down and been replaced by Google Ads managers.

YouTube has never been more powerful.

It generated $28.8 billion in revenue last year and 95% of teen respondents to a recent study by Pew said they use the site – faster than TikTok and Instagram.

Yet the company faces unique threats. TikTok’s growth is inexorable, with users spending more time per day on it than on YouTube. TikTok is also threatening YouTube’s funnel of new creators.

The company has a lot of irons in the fire as its ambitions extend to podcasting. Other areas, such as the YouTube TV cable bundle, took off slowly but are now an important part of the wider media landscape. It also maintains other long-term betting such as gaming.

YouTube has posted significant revenue over the past 18 months, with longtime leaders such as Robert Kyncl, the company’s chief business officer; and Malik Ducard and Jamie Byrne, two content partnership leads; departing. Meanwhile, many of their replacements have come from Google’s advertising business, such as Kyncl’s replacement, Mary Ellen Coe, who was formerly the president of global customer solutions at Google. In many ways, it marks a new era for YouTube as it brings in more ad leaders.

Here are the 15 powerful players within YouTube that oversee the company, product, and community:

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