Meghan Markle Won’t Go to ‘The Tonight Show’

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In what would have been the biggest thing to happen to this website since it was revived just over a year ago, it was reported yesterday that Meghan Markle was on the Tonight Show. Such an inspiring meeting of the minds would have been our Frost/Nixon, our Vidal/Buckley, our Gray’s Anatomy/Station 19 crossover episode. Unfortunately, God turned his back on us, and it’s not happening.

After it was announced on NBC’s website that the Duchess of Sussex would appear on the December 7 episode, the network took it back. oops!

“Earlier today it was inaccurately reported that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex would appear on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on December 7,” said an NBC representative a statement.

This is now the second time Markle has not actually appeared on Fallon. She was supposed to go on the show in September, but an old bag died and she had to attend a funeral instead. That’s what a source said at the time Page six“I don’t even know what she would be talking about, but that’s obviously been canceled now.”

Like that kind of rude source, I have no idea what Meghan would have been talking about To fall upon if she had continued in December. According to the Daily star (large grain of salt here), she would “open up about her recent endeavors and her upcoming Netflix docuseries with Prince Harry.”

Does “open up about her recent endeavors” mean what she would have talked about? Archetypes, America’s favorite etymology podcast? That’s pretty much all she’s into, and it ends next week. Maybe she could have promoted Harry’s upcoming book, or maybe she and Jimmy could have chatted about what I’m sure is a mutual appreciation for Jack Johnson’s music. The sad truth is we’ll never know.

This is not in my power to say, but I will anyway. Meghan, the door is always open for you to be a guest The tonight show. We (Jimmy and myself) would love to have you on the show to play charades and tell a really boring story. It will be a magical evening for all involved.

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