Moonside Neon Lighthouse and Lamp One: The Coolest Smart Bulbs

Moonside Neon Lighthouse and Lamp One smart bulbs will shake your world and brighten up your home with vibrant colors.

Are you looking for the perfect lamp for your home? We know we did, and we happened to come across Moonside, a company that makes some great looking smart bulbs that are sure to change the way your home looks.

Not only are they colorful, but they light up in a magical and whimsical way that will fascinate you. If there is a Moonside lamp in the room, we promise you will sneak a peek at it all the time. The Moonside Neon Lighthouse looks absolutely gorgeous, while the Lamp One is downright cute.

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The versatile lighthouse

The Moonside Neon Lighthouse is a beautiful lamp. If the name hasn’t given the inspiration yet, know that this particular lamp was inspired by the shape of a lighthouse – tall and bright. It has a sleek design that has already won countless buyers worldwide.

It has a simple design that reminds us of a lightsaber. Considering how nice the lights on the lighthouse look, these lights will look a lot better than the sabers.

Now that we’ve had fun with the shape of the lamp, we should also mention that there is a stand you can put it on so it doesn’t wobble and risk breaking it. You can get the stand in multiple colors ranging from silver to black to green, blue and pink. It really is meant to fit every home and customer.

The cylindrical smart bulbs are made of acrylic material, so they are quite sturdy. The RGB LED lights inside color the Lighthouse in 16 million colors, which should perhaps be enough to choose a palette. It also features dynamic RGB Color-Zones technology, meaning there are 90 individually addressable LED pixels under the hood that you can paint any color you want from within the app.

You can use it on your bedside table, but you can also place it near your TV, behind your computer screens and more. Whether you want it to light up your room when you’re trying to relax at night or you want them to set the mood for whatever title you choose for game night, that’s up to you. It can even sync with your favorite music and create a great light show, thanks to its reactive lighting effects.

The box for the Moonside Neon Lighthouse includes the actual bulb, the smart controller, two USB Type-C cables, a 15W USB power adapter, and an instruction manual. The aluminum base holders are sold separately, in case you want one for more stability.

The Neon Lighthouse is priced in full at $96.90, but is currently available for $67.90. With our discount code you can get it for just over $61. The base is an extra $19.90, but you can also get it with 10% off!

The Neon Lighthouse brings a dynamic fairy tale of smart lighting into your home, so you can enjoy a relaxing evening with dim lights, or it can help the clubbing feel in your home, with lights pulsing quickly, vibrating to the music.

Fill your home with Lamp One

Bulb one is another really cool looking lamp from Moonside. It is not very big, so it fits well on any desk. The shape reminds us of older Amazon Echo models; if they lit up of course.

You can place the Lamp One wherever you want, but it will also look great on a bedside table or even as a night light in the nursery. Of course, you can get one for each room and play with it, assigning a new color scheme for each lamp. They are vibrant and beautiful and can really light up the place (pun intended).

Lamp One is less than 4 inches wide and 6.5 inches high. It doesn’t have a battery, but you can run it away from an outlet if you use a power bank instead. The Lamp One’s package includes a USB-C cable, so you can connect it to whatever source you have at hand.

Whatever purpose you see for this tool, we are completely confident that it will serve its purpose well. The Moonside Lamp One has a full price of $99.99, but is currently available to purchase for $69.90 before you get the MUO discount code for an additional 10% discount.

Get the right mood with the Moonside app

The Moonside Neon Lighthouse and Lamp One are certainly impressive, but they wouldn’t be as nice without the dedicated mobile app. The Moonside app can be downloaded for both android and iOS devices, so you’ll be fine no matter which ecosystem you prefer.

Through this specific app you can control everything about your Moonside lamp. If you have more than one, you can control them all individually and assign them to specific rooms.

First, however, you have to pair your lamp with the app, which you do via Bluetooth. The whole process is super easy to go through and similar to just about any link you’ve ever made between your phone and any other device, be it a pair of headphones, a smartwatch, or a smart home device.

It is possible to control your Moonside lamp by turning it on and off, choosing a color and choosing a color intensity.

Then you can take things to the next level by downloading one of the many lighting effects available. Some of them already come with the app, but you can download more themes so you can try them all.

If you’re feeling artistic, you can play around with the drawing feature. What are you going to do? Well, you have a grid-like area that you can color with exactly the shades you want. If you want to draw a pixelated Pikachu for your kid’s room, you can. If you want to draw a red heart, you can do that too. Whatever inspires you can be placed on that grid and then displayed on your lamp. It’s such a fun way to make the Moonside lamp your own.

For added fun and usability, you can pair your Moonside light with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and SmartThings. The company is planning integration with Apple’s HomeKit soon, as well as with the upcoming Matter standard.

Buy your own Moonside smart lights

Whatever moon lamp whatever you’ve got your eye on, we know you’ll have a great experience playing with them. The lamps are so versatile and since you can completely customize the lamps as they have endless dynamic lighting effects, there is no reason why you should not fall in love with them.

Plus, with the lights already discounted, you get them at a more affordable price. By using the discount code: MUO, you save even more, which is the best scenario we can think of.

So go ahead and brighten up your world with the Moonside Lighthouse and Lamp One smart bulbs.

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