My Hero Academia’s massive reveal changes the series’ history forever

As the series quickly approaches its climax, my hero academia has taken fans by storm once again with a massive reveal in the ninth hour that changes the story of the series forever. The final chapter delves into the origins of All for One and recontextualizes events established by the series since the first chapter.

Chapter #407 my hero academia reveals that All For One’s mother possessed the earliest form of a quirk in the form of mysterious hardened growths while she was pregnant with All For One and Yoichi, which was then stolen by All For One once she gave birth.

Most importantly, these events take place before the birth of the luminescent baby, suggesting All For One, Yoichi and his mother may have been the first quirk users. The chapter also finally reveals the origins of the mysterious gene responsible for the manifestation of quirks, which may lead to a paradigm shift in the understanding of quirks and their origins.

My Hero Academia reveals the truth about the luminescent baby

All For One talks about the luminescent baby in My Hero Academia

Chapter 407 reveals that All For One and Yoichi were born an entire year before the infamous luminescent baby the series previously established as the first quirk user. Quite, In fact, the luminescent baby was only the first documented case. Furthermore, the chapter also finally reveals the connection between All For One and the luminescent baby. While fans have long theorized that All For One could have actually been the luminescent baby, Chapter 407 suggests a slightly different story. While All For One is certainly not the luminescent baby, he ends up stealing the quirk about three years later, strangely fulfilling the theory, albeit in a roundabout way.

All For One’s backstory also gives readers a better look at the state of society at the time, as well as the events that led to the various conflicts that followed with the emergence of quirks, particularly due to early investigations. made about them that revealed a surprising and terrifying truth.

All For One and Yoichi may not be fully human

All For One smiles as Yoichi Shigaraki takes off in My Hero Academia

Chapter #407 my hero academia reveals that Quirk users are an entirely new subspecies of humanity, with a unique genetic makeup. Although the series has yet to explain what exactly could have led to this disease or mutation, it can be assumed that the details of All For One and Yoichi’s conception and their parentage could provide some answers.

Although small, there is also a possibility that this mutation arose from contact with an otherworldly species or extraterrestrial life, as it seems strange that All For One’s mother would develop such a drastic genetic mutation out of nowhere without a catalyst. This could also explain why All For One and Yoichi’s quirks are among the most powerful in the world. my hero academia as well as the unique features of One For All and All For One compared to the usual quirks of the time.

Peculiarities in My Hero Academia

While the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčaliens crossing paths with the story of my hero academia It seems incredibly far-fetched, it would certainly add an interesting level of complexity to the story and would also provide a rather unexpected twist. In particular, the belief that quirk users are literally a different species also eventually explains the source of prejudice against quirk users, as well as the various conflicts which initially arose due to his dehumanization. Such a terrifying revelation, coupled with the chaos of skill manifestation, would certainly have divided society and set the stage for All For One to rise to prominence like it did.

However, the latest chapter has single-handedly redefined key aspects of the series’ story while expanding on them in surprising but significant ways. Although the episode has left fans full of questions, the series will surely provide all the answers in due time. Anyway, it seems that my hero academia It may still have many similar surprises in store as it nears its end.

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