‘My Unorthodox Life’ season 2 cast, release date, trailer and more

My unorthodox life returns to Netflix for a second season.

The show, which premiered in July 2021, follows the life of Julia Haart, 51, who, after fleeing her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, inspired millions around the world with her liberation story.

Haart’s family also features in the show, especially her eldest three children (Shlomo, Batsheva and Miriam Haart) who now live with her in Manhattan, New York. Her younger son, Aron Hendler, also appears, but in a smaller capacity, as he still lives with his father, Haart’s first husband Yosef Hendler, in Monsey.

According to Netflix, this season fans will see the Haart family take on an “avalanche of personal and professional challenges” and a key storyline of the season will be Julia’s breakup with estranged husband Silvio Scaglia, 64.

Julia Haart and estranged husband Silvio Haart
Julia Haart pictured with her estranged husband Silvio Haart attends Elite World Group and The Elephant Family launch celebration of CoExistence on November 6, 2019 in New York City.
Getty Images for The Elephant Family and Elite World Group/Craig Barritt

The former couple married in June 2019 and ran Elite World Group modeling agency together as co-CEOs before Haart was swiftly removed from her position by Scaglia in February 2022 when their breakup became controversial.

Fans will see Haart left to struggle for control of her business empire, while also helping her children and best friends deal with their own life issues.

News Week has everything you need to know about the new episode of My unorthodox lifeincluding when it comes out and who will star in it.

Cast ‘My Unorthodox Life’ season 2

Julia Hart

Julia Haart in My Unorthodox Life
“My Unorthodox Life” Season 2 cast: Julia Haart.

Julia Haart, former creative director of La Perla and CEO of Elite World Group, must cope with a messy public divorce and upheaval in her professional life in the new season. My unorthodox life.

Robert Brotherton

My unorthodox life Julia and Robert
“My Unorthodox Life” Season 2 cast: Julia Haart and Robert Brotherton

Robert Brotherton is Julia’s best friend and colleague. His last role was as chief operating officer of Elite Model World, but before that he worked at lingerie brand La Perla, where he met Haart.

The new season of My unorthodox life will follow Brotherton as he supports Haart through her tumultuous breakup, as well as presenting his own new romance.

Batsheva Haart

My Unorthodox Life Batsheva Haart
“My Unorthodox Life” Season 2 cast: Batsheva Haart

Batsheva Haart, 29, is newly single after her divorce from Ben Weinstein and is enjoying her new life immensely. Though Batsheva and her mother go through similar situations in their love lives, the new season will follow the couple as they work to reconnect with each other.

Miriam Hart

Miriam Haart in My Unorthodox Life
“My Unorthodox Life” Season 2 cast: Miriam Haart.

My unorthodox life fans will meet Miriam Haart’s new girlfriend in the upcoming season. But the star, 22, will face some obstacles as she navigates her first committed relationship.

Shlomo Haart

My unorthodox life Shlomo
“My Unorthodox Life” Season 2 cast: Julia, Miriam and Shlomo Haart.

As fans of the show know, Shlomo Haart, 27, Julia’s oldest son, is still a virgin and would like to meet a woman to have his first relationship with. Will he meet his perfect partner in the new season?

Aaron Hendler

Julia and Aron in My Unorthodox Life
“My Unorthodox Life” Season 2 cast: Julia Haart and Aron Hendler

My unorthodox life fans will see things come to a head between Aron Hendler and his mom when they disagree on his future plans in the new episodes.

Hendler, 16, is determined to leave secular school to attend the Orthodox yeshiva full-time, much to Haart’s frustration. Can she convince him to keep his options open?

My unorthodox life Season 2 release date

All nine episodes of My unorthodox life Season 2 will be released on Netflix on Friday, December 2.

The season will land on the streaming platform at 3pm ET.

My unorthodox life Season 2 trailer

Netflix has released the trailer for My unorthodox life Season 2 on November 16.

In the clip, fans get a taste of the drama between Haart and Scaglia in their divorce. At the beginning of the trailer things seem amicable between the two and Scaglia even appears in one scene telling his former partner that they are “building things together”.

Things quickly take a turn for the worse, however, as Haart is heard to declare, “Silvio fired me”, as headlines about her firing appear on screen.

“He’s lost his mind,” Haart adds.

My unorthodox life season 2 torrent
Batsheva Haart, Julia Haart and Miriam Haart in Season 2 of “My Unorthodox Life” on Netflix.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Batsheva talks about her own divorce, Miriam gushes about her new girlfriend Natalie, and Brotherton introduces his new partner with whom he has an open relationship.

My unorthodox life Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on December 2. The first season is now available to stream.

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