Newsletter: Health inspector warns where they should never eat

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Meanwhile our top stories today are about: WikiLeaks difficulty staying onlinea new report claiming Apple’s privacy isn’t as good as you might thinkactress Letitia Wright responding to her anti-vaccine remarksand a viral video of an alleged health inspector about her restaurant red flags.

Then we have aThis week on the webcolumn by Tiffany and we also have one special section today of movie and show reviews from our team to help you decide what to watch this weekend.

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⚑ Today’s Top Stories

The WikiLeaks website struggles to stay online as millions of documents disappear

WikiLeaks website seems to be falling apart at the seamswith more and more content of the organization not available without explanation.


A new report accuses Apple’s top-notch privacy settings of misleading users

A new report claims that Apple collects personally identifiable information of iPhone users even when they explicitly ask the company not to.


Letitia Wright addresses anti-vaccination comments: ‘I apologized and moved on’

Wright denies allegations that she holds homophobic or anti-vaccine views.


‘Oh oh. There goes Cheesecake Factory’: Public health inspector shares places she would never eat

An alleged health inspector from a restaurant documents her red flags for restaurants to avoidranging from attitude of employees to the condition of the bathroom in a viral video.


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πŸ›οΈ Better ways to shop

Nautilus subscription box on a wooden floor surrounded by wrapped gifts

Jason Reed


The ultimate gift guide for science enthusiasts

Is there someone in your life who is curious about all things science? Buying gifts for science enthusiasts can feel like you’re lost on a distant planet, but we’ve got you covered. This gift guide is the perfect resource for creative gift ideas – from serious stargazers to amateur STEM enthusiasts. Find the best science gifts for the holidays with this guide.


πŸ—£οΈ This week on the internet

Through Tiffany Kelly

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The internet is still coming for fake babies

In every edition of web_crawlr, we have exclusive original content every day. On Friday, our senior culture editor Tiffany Kelly summarizes the most urgent online discourse of the week in her “This week on the webcolumn. If you want to read this kind of column before everyone else, subscribe to web_crawlr to get your daily dose of internet culture delivered straight to your inbox.

🎬 Looking for something to watch?

Trying to find something to watch this holiday weekend? Well, the The Everything culture team has have you covered. Here are one some recent reviews for both theatrical releases and things you can stream.


➀ In The FablesStephen Spielberg put the camera on its own.

➀ Glass onion is a hilarious and cleverly thought out in continuation to Knives out.

➀ Bones and all is more road trip movie than horror.

➀ She said central to the reporting process in a recreation of the Harvey Weinstein investigation.

➀ Babysit is a eerie and evocative horror debut from Nikyatu Jusu.


➀ Fire of love mixtures volcanic wonder with an emotional love story on Disney+.

➀ Apple TV+s Elevated road belongs to Jennifer Lawrence most interesting role in years.

➀ After a promising first episode, Wednesday is becoming just another Netflix teen show.

➀ What to watch next if you like Andor: Political thrillers, dystopian dramas and more.

πŸ•ΈοΈ Crawling on the web

This is what else is happening on the internet.

πŸ‘€ How would you respond as your manager Gone from work for 3 weeks?

✈️ This TikToker has a “hack“to make sure you don’t lose your luggage on the airport.

πŸ›’ Stay smart at the supermarket with this shopping hacks for saving money.*

πŸ₯ From our friends from passion fruitthe Everything ‘s maker economy newsletter: TikTokers are obsessed with the dance trend Koopa Troopa.

β˜• A former Starbucks barista then went viral on TikTok reveal how much her store wasted on plasticcausing her to stop.

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