‘One bite and my body would shut down’: Workplace vending machine is criticized for including a dog pack with double chili

A worker displays a vending machine with a partially thawed double chili cheese dog wrap and barbecue rib sandwich, sparking discussions about food safety.

TikToker Chrissy (@thelapofluxury) shared the video showing the double chili dog backpack in a vending machine at her workplace on Tuesday.

“You have to be 100% furious to be at work to get a double chili cheese dog pack from the vending machine and eat it,” she says in the clip.


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The video had already been viewed more than 1.6 million times by Thursday, with commenters criticizing food safety standards at Chrissy’s workplace. Some pointed out that a label on an Angus burger in the vending machine reads, “Keep frozen.”

“That fish is going to make your stomach make washing machine noises,” said one person.

“It gives three days of sick leave,” joked another.

“One bite and my body would shut down,” one user complained.

In a reaction video, Chrissy clarifies that the vending machine is “cooled”.

“I don’t think it’s frozen, but it’s refrigerated,” says Chrissy. “So it is safe for consumption. However, I don’t think you should eat it at work.”

The Everything reached out to Chrissy via TikTok comment.

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