One Like A Dragon Gaiden Sidequest Has a Cool Connection to Judgment

Despite sharing a configuration and game engine, the Judgment The subseries has been quite disconnected from the larger one. like a dragon franchise, but Like A Dragon Gaiden: The man who erased his name finally has a proper Judgment crossover, which is good news for fans of both series. He like a dragon games, formerly known as yakuza In its Western releases, it starred Kazuma Kiryu in the first seven main entries, which were beat-em-up style action role-playing games. Yakuza: like a dragon introduced the new hero Ichiban Kasuga and switched to a turn-based JRPG format. JudgmentA derivative of the detective genre, it used the original combat style and followed Takayuki Yagami.

Many felt the JudgmentThe sequel improved on the original, and some might even think Lost trialYagami is the best hero to appear in any of the games from developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios. The next JRPG Like a dragon: infinite wealth You will see the two main lines. like a dragon stars, Kiryu and Ichiban, on a proper team, but Judgment Fans were hoping for a similar reunion with Yagami and the yakuza heroes. Unfortunately, fans will have to keep waiting for Kiryu or Ichiban to fight alongside Yagami, but Like a dragon Gaiden includes the next best option in the Akame Network side quest called End the destruction.

Yagami does not appear in Like A Dragon Gaiden, but Kaito does

Akame Network offers most of the game’s side stories in Like a dragon Gaiden, as Kiryu, acting under the alias Joryu, helps Sotenbori’s jack-of-all-trades and protector of the homeless defend his hometown. Since the main story actually requires Kiryu to raise the Akame Network to level 10 to advance the story (which was possibly simply to pad the game’s short length), players would do well to choose between Akame’s special missions, called Akame Network Requests. These generate many more points than the random favors Kiryu can do for townspeople on behalf of the Network, and some also offer significant cash rewards.

Akame Network points are required to purchase advanced skills, and at higher ranks the Network will add a shop that sells unique items, so raising the Network level has multiple benefits.

Following a guide to Like a dragon GaidenAkame Network quests can identify the most efficient ones to raise the level of the Network, but Judgment fans must prioritize End the destruction. In this side story, Kiryu is tasked with investigating a disturbing pattern of “homeless hunting”, in which the homeless people of Sotenbori are violently assaulted. Following the trail of clues leads Kiryu to an encounter with Masaharu Kaito, Yagami’s partner in the Yagami Detective Agency. Judgment series. In a scene that mirrors a comic book superhero crossover, Kiryu and Kaito initially come to blows, as each mistakes the other as the culprit behind the hunt for homeless people.

Kiryu was originally allied with the Dojima family, which, like the Matsugane family, was part of the Tojo Clan, one of the largest organized crime groups during most of the early games in the Yakuza series.

After sharing information, the two realize that they are both Working towards the same goals and forming a team to solve the case.. Kiryu also later meets Kaito’s friend Toru Higashi. Kaito and Higashi are both ex-yakuza, like Kiryu, formerly allies of the Matsugane family. Although the lack of an appearance from Yagami is disappointing, having Kiryu working alongside Kaito and Higashi might be more appropriate since they share the same background in organized crime. Yagami is a lawyer turned private detective who still occasionally wears a suit and tie to the courtroom. There is a huge gap in ethics and priorities between Kiryu and Yagami, but Kaito is an ideal partner.

Kaito has points in common with Kiryu from Like A Dragon Gaiden

The One Like A Dragon Gaiden side quest has a cool connection to Judgment: Judgment's Kaito and Higashi talk to Yakuza's Kiryu in Like A Dragon Gaiden

The original Judgment distanced himself from yakuza intentionally avoiding cameos and crossovers. Now that the detective and legal drama series has been firmly established, fanservice like Kaito’s cameo in like a dragon it’s more appropriate. Kiryu and Kaito identify the Gehenna street gang as the responsible party, but twists and surprises keep players guessing throughout the mission. Kiryu is a truly ethical person, concerned about the well-being of others, but Lost trial in particular he made it clear that Yagami prioritizes the law over the ideals of good and evil. With their shared experience in the yakuza, Kiryu and Kaito realize that the law does not always lead to ethical outcomes.

Since Kiryu and Kaito have more common ground and are both more ethically minded than Yagami, their team has a natural chemistry. A true crossover would still be welcome, but if Yagami were to meet Kiryu or Ichiban, the results would likely be more antagonistic. In Like A Dragon Gaiden: The man who erased his name Kiryu does his best to protect the people he cares about, regardless of the legality of his methods, but Yagami’s short-sighted adherence to the law would likely cause him to run afoul of the law. yakuza heroes.

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