Reverso 1999: Melania’s Best Build (Psychubes and Team Comp)

Melania is one of the strongest DPS characters in Reverse: 1999 and players will want the right build to deal maximum damage. She was introduced in the latest 1.1 update and she is the featured character in The theft of the Rimet cup event. Melania is a 6-star arcanist with Beast Afflatus, meaning she deals 30% more damage against Grass-type enemies. Additionally, Melania is weak to mineral-type enemies and, instead, she takes 30% more damage. She has a high rate on the banner. Pop is everythingalong with Sweetheart and Baloon Party.

Melania specializes in burst damage and can increase with each subsequent use of her Ultimate. Ridiculous Eyewitness Testimony. When you upgrade to Insight I, you gain a stack of Fixed Plan, increasing to two stacks in Insight III. Melania can have a total of six Fixed Plan stacks, each granting a 12% increase to her maximum power. Her abilities help greatly with Moxie’s profit and self-sustainability. Melainia’s first skill, silent takedown, steal a Moxie from a target at level two. While under the influence of master thiefhis second ability, mechanical rats, gives you +1 Moxie, this is a special status after using Ridiculous Eyewitness Testimony. Thief Master disappears after one use of the buff.

The best psychics for Melania

The best psychocube of Reverse: 1999 Each character is usually interchangeable, but there is one that stands out for Melania. Her best psychic is luxury leisure, which can be obtained in the souvenir shop during the event. This equipment grants an 18% increase in damage at level 60 after casting a single-target Ultimate. This effect can stack up to 5 times for a total of 90% more damage. When combined with her Fixed Plan stacks, Melania can take out most enemies with a single use of Ridiculous Eyewitness Testimony.

Those who cannot obtain Luxury Leisure can use the brave new world psicubus. Brave New World gives Melania an 18% increase in Ultimate Might while also buffing the Incantation Might of any attacks she performs after her Ultimate by 20%. This works well with the Thief Master stack you get after casting Ridiculous Eyewitness Testimony. Players will need to purchase Brave New World from the Psychube Shop for 210 thoughts in total.

The 5 star psychocube Tomorrow as well It is a great alternative for Melania. At level 60, this will grant a 20% increase to critical damage, while also granting a 20% critical rating to your Ultimate at boost level 5. It takes a lot more investment to make great use of this psychic Tomorrow it can also be purchased at the Psychube Store for 200 Thought Elements.

The free It is another psicubus that can be used by Melania. This increases damage dealt to targets when the caster’s HP is above 50%. At level 60, this bonus is 15% and increases Ultimate Might by 16% at maximum amplification level. A copy of The Footloose is obtained by completing Act 3 of the The beginning of the story missions. More can be purchased from the Psychube Store for 200 Thought Element.

The best team compositions for Melania

Melania is an excellent DPS arcanist and should be part of teammates that improve her skills. This does A gentleman A fantastic companion for this thief. He specializes in gaining Moxie quickly to cast his Ultimate and buff his allies with a 50% damage increase on his next attack. A Knight also has the rare Spirit Afflatus, which is only weak to Intelligence enemies, although it is also strong to this type.

Medicine pocket She is also a great teammate of Melainia because of her great support. This unit can heal allies and weaken enemies, dealing 20% ​​additional damage to a single target. Medicine Pocket is one of the best healers in the game and will support Melania in difficult fights. Unfortunately, this character is a 6-star unit. which can be difficult to obtain.

Dikke is a hybrid healer and DPS unit in Reverse: 1999. Fortunately, all players get it for free when logging into the game. Both his healing and damage depend on his attack. Dikke is a good sub-DPS unit to have alongside Melania. Both units have Beast Afflatus, making them a great pairing when facing Grass-type enemies. Dikke provides additional healing when allies are below 50%.

sonnet and An-an Lee in Reverse: 1999 They are both great buffers for Melania. Each of them fulfills the same function and can be used interchangeably because they increase damage by 20% and at the same time reduce damage received by 20%. An ideal team would be Melania as the main DPS, Sonetto or An-an Lee as a buffer, and Medicine Pocket to weaken the enemy. This team would fully support the immense damage caused by Melania.

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