Roku launches a range of Smart Home products

The streaming video pioneer now offers an indoor camera, smart bulbs and more.

Roku is a popular choice for anyone looking for streaming video hardware. The company has also integrated its software into a number of smart televisions.

While the company also offers home theater companion audio products, it’s taking an even bigger step into the smart home arena. We’ll highlight what’s new about Roku.

A Roku video doorbell, smart plugs and more

Through press releaseRoku has announced a series of new products.

The lineup includes a floodlight camera, indoor and outdoor cameras, a 360-degree indoor camera, a video doorbell and bell, smart bulbs, smart light strips and smart plugs for both indoor and outdoor use.

All new products come from a partnership with Wyze Labs.

For all video camera offerings, users can tap on Roku TV OS integration to film live streams while watching movies or TV shows.

Along with Roku Voice, the new products are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

You can also manage Roku’s smart home products from the Roku Smart Home app for: iOS and android. The app offers a camera plan with cloud video recording history, smart alerts, package delivery notifications, and more.

Security features for the products include two-factor authentication, user data encryption, secure boot, and more.

All smart home devices are on sale for under $100 and can be ordered now.

Together with the Roku sitethe line-up is offered on walmart. Both companies have a long-standing partnership with Walmart and will launch shopable ads on Roku in June 2022.

Not a word about matter compatible

One of the biggest questions regarding the new products is Matter’s compatibility.

The important protocol was officially launched earlier in October 2022 and has the potential to make interacting with smart home products much easier.

Can Roku Make a Dent in the Smart Home Market?

There’s not exactly a lack of smart home products, so it’ll be interesting to see how Roku’s offerings are received by the wider market.

The biggest plus of the products seems to be the low price. That could tempt savvy newcomers to the home with Roku devices looking to get wet feet with more tech.

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