Save up to $250 on iRobot Robovacs

Robot vacuums save us time, and now the iRobot models save us money too.

Robot vacuum cleaners are synonymous with leisure. Whether you use that free time to do other chores, read a book, or work is up to you. iRobot models are pretty good whether we’re talking about Roombas or the Braava Jet.

If you’ve been eyeing one of these and keep putting off the purchase, the Prime Early Access Sale is probably the time to finally splurge and buy one for your home. The price cuts are pretty consistent, which makes these robovacs stand out for us.

Save on Roombas

Roomba robovacs are among the best on the market and have been around for a long time. The iRobot models are now available at a discount for Prime Early Access Sale. This Amazon event will take place on October 11-12, 2022 and is dedicated to Prime members. If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet you should probably do that before the end of the 12th. Not only can you enjoy a ton of discounted items, but you also get access to Amazon Music Unlimited and Grubhub+.

Let’s see what iRobot deals we found available on Prime Early Access Sale:

Hands-off vacuuming

An iRobot Roomba cleans your home while you do other things, when you leave for work or when you are cooking. The iRobot Roomba i4+ EVO is a great device that not only cleans, but also empties itself. The docking station has a container large enough to hold up to 60 days of debris. However, we should mention that if you have pets that shed a lot, the bin can fill up faster.

The iRobot Braava jet m6 is also a great addition to your home as it can mop your floors for you. This one maps the house and uses water sprays to deal with dirt. It then collects dirt, dust or pet hair with the dry wipe pads.

Catch the discounts

Prime Early Access Sale is only valid for two days, so you should definitely decide quickly which iRobot vacuum cleaner to buy. Check them all out, check your budget and buy your favorite!

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