Scream 7 Needs Sidney Prescott to Continue Major Reboot Trend

With Shout 7 In the works, the next sequel must focus on the original franchise’s protagonist, Sidney Prescott, if it is to be consistent with the other reboot installments. when the first Shout The film was released in 1996 and marked a cinematic change. Directed by an experienced terror. by filmmaker Wes Craven, gave new life to the slasher genre. Neve Campbell starred in the original as Sidney Prescott, a Woodsboro teenager who has to dodge the threat of a masked killer who is on a killing spree in his town. The character also continued to appear in most of the sequels.

The success of Shout was followed a year later with Scream 2and then Scream 3 It arrived in 2000. Shout 4 It was released in 2011 and took place 15 years after the events of the first film. More than a decade later, the Shout The films were revived with a 2022 reboot film that focuses on a whole new set of characters, including sisters Tara (Jenna Ortega) and Sam (Melissa Barrera) Carpenter, although Sidney still appeared. A sequel to 2022 Shout was released a year later titled Scream VI, and that one didn’t feature Sidney’s character at all. Now a seventh Shout the film is in progress.


Each Scream reboot has focused on an original character

Although he Shout The reboot films introduced new characters, some of whom have connections to past killers, both Shout 2022 and Scream VI focus on a surviving character from the original franchise. Woodsboro Sheriff Dwight “Dewey” Riley (David Arquette) plays a central role in Shout 2022. Dewey, an experienced investigator of past Ghostface murders, helps the new gang figure out how to stop the new masked villain. Although Dewey has survived many stabbings by several different Ghostface assassins, unfortunately, he meets his match with the new Ghostface when he is fatally stabbed in a hospital after saving Tara’s life.

Scream VI changes tack by focusing on writer and news reporter Gale Weathers. He has reported on all of Ghostface’s past kills and has written in-universe books about the events of the previous films. With Dewey, her ex-husband, dead, and Sidney Prescott in hiding for her own safety, Gale is the only main character from the original films involved in the events of Scream VI. Gale helps Sam, Tara and their friends catch the new Ghostface, and the masked villainess herself taunts him.

Scream 7 May Continue Its Reboot Trend If Sidney Prescott Returns

Dewey and Gale served their purpose as driving forces in the first two reboot films, but there is no Shout franchise without Sidney. The original Shout Queen is considered the lead role in the original films and the central character of the entire franchise. Neve Campbell reprized her role as Sidney Prescott for Shout 2022, but Sydney was notably absent from Scream VIthe most recent Shout delivery.

Although Campbell had his reasons for dying Scream VISidney was deeply missed in the film. and With the news of a new movie, there is reason to hope that Sidney will return to the franchise in Shout 7. His presence would not only be nostalgic, but it would be necessary to to maintain this established trend of the main characters from the original films playing a vital role in each rebooted film. Yeah Shout 7 focuses the character of Sidney in the story, then the trifecta of remaining main characters (Dewey, Gale, and Sidney) will have each had their own moment in the spotlight in the story. Shout it reboots.

Neve Campbell has played Sidney Prescott in all but one of the Shout films.

Sidney Prescott’s return may put an end to the old Scream movies

He Shout The reboot movies have done a great job of honoring the original films and characters while also putting a modern twist on the franchise with new characters. While Shout 7 Hopefully it won’t be the end of the road, nothing is guaranteed, which is all the more reason to bring Sidney back. Yeah Shout 7 It turns out to be the last of the reboot movies, so centering Sidney in the final film will give fans closure and serve as a coming-of-circle moment.

On the other hand, the Shout The franchise can continue with even more reboot movies. In that case, give Sidney a proper send-off in Shout 7 willpower allow the franchise to leave the original films behind. This movement could Also avoid lingering questions about Sidney’s fate or complaints about not adequately paying homage to his iconic character.

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