Set up a Google Nest Mini (or Home Mini)

We’ll walk you through the entire installation process for your new speaker.

Since its release, Google Nest Mini has proven to be one of the most useful gadgets you can get to start your smart home journey. It has all the useful features like alarms, broadcast messages and recipe walkthroughs. The best part is that it is quite cheap and compatible with many other smart home devices on the market.

If you just bought one, here are the steps to set up your Google Nest Mini. These instructions also apply to the first-generation Google Home Mini, if you have one to hand.

Set up your Google Home Mini or Nest Mini

The installation of Google Home or Nest Mini is very simple and easy to do. Before you start, make sure your phone is ready and connected to the internet. Then you can start by following the steps described here:

  1. Connect the Google Nest Mini with the included power adapter and cable. A bell will sound and you will be prompted to download the Google Home app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Download the Google Home app on your android or iOS device. You will not only use this for setting up your device, but also for other later uses. If you’d like to learn more about this app, we’ve covered what the Google Home app is and what it’s used for.
  3. Launch the Google Home app.
  4. Tap the Get started knob.
  5. Choose a Google account to use. then hit Okay.
  6. On the home screen, tap the Add Plus Icon in the top left corner.
  7. Select Make a new house.
  8. Enter a nickname that you would like to call your home. Then click Get on.
  9. Enter the details of your residential address where you want to use the Google Nest Mini. Google uses this to give you the most accurate results, such as weather and traffic information. However, you can choose to skip this section.
  10. Back on the home screen, select the Add Plus Icon again.
  11. Tap on Set up device > New device.
  12. Select the house you recently created. Then tap Next one.
  13. Allow location access by tapping the Next one and select an option in the dialog box.
  14. Turn on your phone’s location services by tapping the Settings knob. Then enable your location.
  15. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth access. Simply select the To turn on button and choose Allow in the popup.
  16. Wait for your phone to find your Google Nest Mini.
  17. Once it finds your speaker, tap Yes Get on. Your phone will then connect to the smart speaker.
  18. Once you have successfully connected to the speaker, you will hear a sound from it. Tap on Yes to confirm.
  19. Share device statistics and crash reports with Google by tapping Yes, I’m in. Otherwise, skip this option by selecting No thank you.
  20. Select the room where you will place the device permanently. Then press Next one.
  21. Optionally enter a custom name for your room before clicking . press Get on.
  22. Select the Wi-Fi network your Google Nest Mini will connect to. Then tap Next one.
  23. Enter your WiFi password and press Connect.
  24. Wait for the Google Nest Mini to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  25. Once it is successfully connected, press Next one on the “Before using your Google Assistant” screen.
  26. Set Voice Match by tapping Get on. You can also choose to set this up later. Voice Match allows your smart speaker to recognize your voice and identify you from the other people using the same device.
  27. Press I agree with that to confirm you’re using Voice Match on devices in the home you’ve previously selected.
  28. Say the phrases displayed on your phone to finish setting up Voice Match.
  29. Save your audio to improve Google’s audio technologies. You can choose to skip this by pressing Not now.
  30. Optionally tap To turn on to enable personalized results. If you have personal results turned on, your Google Nest Mini can provide you with relevant information, such as your personal reminders, YouTube playlists, and Google Calendar events.
  31. Complete the installation by tapping Next one.

Now that you’ve successfully set up your Google Nest Mini, you can start trying all the Google Home commands you want.

Start building your smart home with the Google Home Mini or Nest Mini

With its price and compatibility, the Google Nest Mini is just what you need to get started building your smart home.

You’ll be amazed at how many things you can do with this device, and we’re sure you’ll love the Easter eggs too. Have fun using your newly configured smart speaker.

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