Southern Hospitality Season 2: News, Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More

southern hospitality Season 2 is coming to Bravo at the end of the year and fans can’t wait for another season featuring the Republic employees. The first season of the reality series aired a year ago to rave reviews. The show is a spin-off of southern charm and revolves around Leva Bonaparte’s club, Republic, and its employees. Several interesting and entertaining characters work for Leva, and the drama that followed last season was enough to make Bravo want to bring him back for another wild season.

last season of southern hospitality It was full of captivating drama even though the cast was new to the world of reality TV. There were ups and downs in the relationship between Maddi Reese and her boyfriend Trevor Stokes after he cheated on her, Joe Bradley’s crush on Madi, Joe and Mia Alario’s make out session, Grace Lily just being herself and a lot further. While season 1 was a great start for the series, it seems that southern hospitality Season 2 will surpass last season.

Southern Hospitality Season 2 News

southern hospitality Season 2 was officially confirmed at BravoCon 2023 in November 2023, which included a premiere date and trailer. For almost a year, fans speculated if southern hospitality Bravo would renew for a second season and many had high hopes. Season 1 did very well, so it’s no surprise that the network decided to give Leva and his Republic employees another season.

Southern Hospitality Season 2 Release Date

Split image of Southern Hospitality stars Maddi and Joe

The release date of southern hospitality Season 2 is Thursday, December 7 at 9 pm EST on Bravo (via BravoTV). The network confirmed the series’ release date at BravoCon 2023 in November, which was highly anticipated by fans. Viewers can also stream the episodes the next day on Peacock.

Southern Hospitality Season 2 Cast

Split image of Mia and Grace from Southern Hospitality

the cast for southern hospitality Season 2 has stayed the same for the most part. Republic employees returning for one more season are Maddi, Joe, Mia, Grace, TJ Dinch, Bradley Carter, Emmy Sharrett, Will Kulp and Lucía Peña. As for newcomers, Oisin O’Neil, a Republic VIP server, was added to the season 2 cast.

Southern Hospitality Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of southern hospitality Season 2 also premiered at BravoCon 2023. The trailer began with a producer asking Grace what happened, followed by Maddi and Trevor fighting over a girl texting him. It seems there’s also trouble in paradise for Emmy and Will, as well as Bradley and his girlfriend.

Emmy also mentioned that she wants Maddi’s position as VIP manager at Republic, while Lucía begs Leva to give her her job back. The trailer even reveals that newbie Oisin has an OnlyFans and refers to himself as “The Milkman.” At the end of the trailer, Maddi discovers that Trevor cheated on her and apparently confronts and attempts to fight the woman. Just from the trailer, southern hospitality Season 2 has fans on the edge of their seats.

southern hospitality Season 2 premieres Thursday, December 7 at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

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