Star Trek: Voyager Sets Up Tom Paris’ Big Romance Sooner Than You Think

Journey to the stars: Voyager established Tom Paris’ (Robert Duncan McNeill) greatest romance as early as Season 1. Tom was the helmsman and occasional doctor of the USS Voyager, initially recruited by Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) to help locate the Maquis ship to which she had the mission. Find in TravelerThe pilot episode. After Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway promoted Tom to lieutenant, and he became a valued member of the crew and experienced substantial character growth and changes over the course of Voyager’s journey home. .

One of the most important ways Tom changed during TravelerAll seven seasons was his attitude toward romance and women. Initially a notorious womanizer, Tom ended up being half of TravelerHe is the only long-term couple. The other half was B’Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson), Voyager’s half-Klingon engineer and former member of the Maquis. Tom and B’Elanna’s relationship didn’t fully materialize until season 4, but while the two weren’t exactly established as a couple from the beginning, the seeds of their subsequent relationship were planted very early on.

Voyager set up Tom and B’Elanna’s romance already in season 1

Traveler Season 1, episode 14, “Faces,” provided the first hint of Tom and B’Elanna’s chemistry, even though it would be nearly three more seasons before romance was officially on the table. During “Faces”, Tom and B’Elanna were captured by the Vidiians. In an attempt to determine if B’Elanna’s Klingon DNA was resistant to the phage, the Vidiians ended up splitting B’Elanna into two separate people, one completely Klingon and the other completely human. Although Tom and the Klingon B’Elanna barely interacted, he and the human version of him shared a lot of screen time and provided the first glimpse of their future relationship.

“Faces” was the first time Tom and B’Elanna interacted much, and from the beginning, their chemistry was evident. The two shared several heartfelt conversations throughout the episode, with B’Elanna divulging some hard truths about her childhood and Tom encouraging her not to give up when she was experiencing near-paralyzing fear as a result of her situation. Although there was no overt romantic tension between the two, “Faces” absolutely showed the potential that Tom and B’Elanna had. The episode ended up being important to their relationship and clearly telegraphs where the couple was headed when looked at retroactively.

Tom and B’Elanna were the most stable couple on Voyager (despite the initial tension)

Tom and B'Elanna share a smile on Drive.

One of the reasons why Tom and B’Elanna’s relationship in Traveler It seemed to happen quickly because the two characters had relatively few interactions in the show’s early seasons. In addition to this, many of Tom and B’Elanna’s early interactions were not positive. One of their first exchanges involved B’Elanna calling Tom a “pig” after receiving a sexist comment from a holodeck character he had created. Outside of this, seasons 1-3 of Traveler It generally focuses on Tom and B’Elanna’s relationships with other characters on the show, and does not usually pair them up for episodes.

However, when Tom and B’Elanna’s relationship materialized, they quickly became TravelerThe most stable couple. The show wasn’t a particularly romantic series to begin with, and other early couples within TravelerThe main cast of characters, such as Neelix (Ethan Phillips) and Kes (Jennifer Lien), didn’t last long for a variety of reasons. However, in later seasons Tom and B’Elanna became the romantic element that Traveler necessaryand their relationship is one of the Star Trek The franchise’s few romantic success stories. Star Trek Couples often don’t end up exercising, but when the time comes Journey to the stars: Voyager When it ended, Tom and B’Elanna were happily married with a son.

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