Star Trek’s Ultimate New Anti-Borg Weapon Has a Connection to Kirk

There is a new, ultra-powerful anti-Borg weapon in the Star Trek universe, and has ties to Captain Kirk. In Star Trek: Defiant #9, Worf and his crew have been sent by Starfleet to bring back the renegade Borg Hugh. When Worf and the Challenging Catching up with Hugh, they discover that he has a powerful weapon, familiar to fans of the original series, to use against his former masters.

Star Trek: Defiant Issue #9 is written by Christopher Cantwell and drawn by Mike Feehan. Boarding Hugh’s ship, B’Elanna Torres detects a type of propulsion method that hasn’t been used in centuries, one that Mr. Spock has encountered before. As the crew heads to the source of the emissions, they are shocked to learn that Hugh has allied himself with Nomad, a destructive probe that had been defeated a century earlier by Captain Kirk.

Nomad has been repurposed to become a tool not to kill the Borg, but to free them from the clutches of the Collective, allowing the drones to regain their individuality.

Captain Kirk sets the stage for the liberation of the Borg

Star Trek Nomad Borg 2

Long time Star Trek Fans will recognize Nomad from the original series. Nomad first appeared in the second season episode “The Changeling”. Nomad began as an exploratory probe launched from Earth in the early 21st century. Drifting through space for years, it collided with another extraterrestrial probe. This probe had been sent to sterilize soil samples, but when it merged with Nomad, its directive changed to “sterilize” biological life. Nomad destroys an entire civilization before Captain Kirk probes it by essentially overtaking it. Now, Nomad has returned in some form, but with a new mission.

Star Trek: Defiant Issue #9 makes it clear that Nomad has changed. While Nomad was very destructive in his on-screen appearance, there was some ambiguity about the intentions of the alien race that launched the Earth probe. In text in this issue, which resembles Spock’s report to Starfleet about Nomad, Spock speculates that its creators were benign, but in this issue he discovers that it was nothing of the sort and that it was launched on a mission of destruction and destruction. colonization. Nomad has gone from being a destroyer of the world to a tool of redemption and salvation.

Hugh is amazing. Star Trek Character arc starts here

Star Trek Nomad Borg 3

Nomad was seen as a precursor to Star Trek: The Movie V’Ger

In many ways, Nomad and Hugh’s paths are very similar. Nomad can overload the logic circuits of a Borg cube and release the drones on board. In the first season of Journey to the stars: Picard, Hugh leads an initiative to “recover” ancient Borg drones, and his time with Nomad is the beginning of this arc. In Challenging #9, Worf, after seeing Nomad in action, realizes that Hugh is a savior. Hugh doesn’t want to kill Borg because he knows they are all victims. Star Trek The new anti-Borg weapon refuses to perpetuate the cycle of misery with the Borg and instead chooses to help them regain their humanity.

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