Star Wars has retconned what we first knew about the Jedi

Star Wars‘Enormously successful transmedia initiative, Star Wars: The High Republic, has taken up what was first established about the Jedi. Set during the High Republic Era, centuries before the events of the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: The High Republic is exploring a part of the timeline that has never been seen before. It focuses on the Jedi and the Republic at their height, and their story is told in books, comics, manga, audio dramas, a possible future video game, and even the upcoming Disney+ TV show. The acolyte.

Star Wars: The High Republic tells an epic story in which the Jedi face a group of pirate (and Viking-like) marauders known as the Nihil, led by a mysterious Evereni named Marchion Ro. Ro’s hatred of the Jedi, stemming from a family confrontation with the Order generations ago, is growing to the point where the entire galaxy is affected. Unfortunately, that means this key period of the Star Wars The timeline is being stretched and reconfigured quite a bit..

Star Wars established the Jedi as champions of a golden age

Obi-Wan holds the Jedi in high regard in a new hope

Back to the first Star Wars film (later called A new hope), Obi-Wan established the mythical nature of the Jedi. “For more than a thousand generations, Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic.“he explained. It is true that the Jedi of the High Republic are champions of the light, and yet it is increasingly difficult to believe that these are the peaceful times that Obi-Wan speaks of. There are conflicts with the Hutts, sectors from isolated space due to mysterious Nihil technology and infestations of dark side creatures. The only “gold” about the Jedi can be found in their robes.

The High Republic has revealed that there never was a golden age

It was just a golden age through nostalgia

This naturally leads to an apparent conflict between the story told in Star Wars: The High Republic and Obi-Wan’s comment. In the span of just over a year, the galaxy has faced a Great Hyperspace Disaster that left millions dead, a massacre at a Galactic Fair meant to serve as a celebration of the Republic, and the destruction of Starlight Beacon, the nation’s greatest symbol. . of the Jedi and the Republic. In George Mann eye of darkness, Jedi Masters are brutally executed live on the Holonet. This apparent discrepancy can only be explained by nostalgia on the part of Ob-Wan Kenobi and others who remembered the Jedi; Nostalgia often makes good memories much brighter and better than they actually were at the time, and this seems to be the case in the history of the High Republic.

Disasters of the High Republic led to the fall of the Jedi

They permanently changed the Jedi order

Jedi of the High Republic

It’s worth noting that beyond these catastrophes, most of the High Republic Era appears to be largely peaceful. What’s more, even these great cataclysms give the Jedi of the High Republic the opportunity to be the “guardians of peace and justice” were described as, albeit indirectly and retroactively. This probably seems so intense because Star Wars: The High Republic is still being published; When the story is complete and (presumably) the Jedi win, they will most likely have thoroughly protected peace and justice and defeated the Nihil, at a cost.

However, these are still retcons, but they have a purpose. It’s already becoming clear Star Wars: The High Republic It is the beginning of the decline of the Jedi Order, and the various disasters will see the Jedi Order of the High Republic Era (brilliant and confident, bold and heroic) become the withdrawn, dogmatic and impersonal monks of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Star Wars: The High Republic Phase III has introduced the Guardian Protocols, the emergency protocols that governed the Jedi response to the Nihil, and their influence on the Order is easily visible, with the Jedi withdrawing from the galaxy at large and focusing on Coruscant. This is really the story of how the Jedi became the flawed order seen in the Star Wars Prequel trilogy, with so many weaknesses exploited by Palpatine himself.

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