Stay Organized With These 7 Calendar Apps For Linux

Calendar apps are a necessity for keeping track of events and your to-do tasks in this hectic modern work life. With these apps you will never forget anything.

The calendar apps available for Linux have many useful productivity features that help you remember things, suggest important dates, and build good habits.

So let’s take a look at the most productive and efficient calendar apps that you can download and use on your Linux device.

The Best Command Line Calendars

1. gcalcli

gcalcli gives you access to the calendar via a command line interface. If you are an advanced Linux user, gcalcli is a good option for you. The calendar basically allows you to access Google Calendar via CLI.

You can create an event, view your upcoming and past events, and even reschedule via gcalcli. The app makes it really easy to edit your events.

It also has an incredible feature that allows you to import calendars from other sources like Microsoft or Apple through ICS files, which is a universal calendar file format.

gcalcli also allows you to assess conflicts between your events and easily search for past or future events. In addition, the colored output of the app makes it more interactive.

gcalcli is an open-source app and is free for everyone.

to download: gcalcli (Free)

2. khali

khal is another command-line-based calendar for Linux, and it’s fast and efficient. It offers all the important calendar functions and if you are good at using the terminal, khal will save you a lot of time and effort.

With a simple command, you can create a new event and edit other events. It also allows you to reschedule your events and lets you browse all your calendars with ease.

However, Khal does not have direct access to online calendars. So, it uses vdirsyncer (a CLI app to sync calendars and address books) to sync your online calendars so you can add, delete, or reschedule events from within the app.

khal is a powerful calendar that also allows you to use filters such as date ranges, calendar type and time range to increase your productivity. Plus, it’s free for everyone to use.

to download: khali (Free)

3. calculate

calcurse has powerful commands to help you manage your events effectively. These commands allow you to use various filters to access advanced features that are not easily available in other apps.

Calcurse allows you to keep track of your events and tasks, easily add or remove events, reschedule the date and time for your events, and even customize the interface.

The app allows you to add keyboard shortcuts for various calendar functions and you can add important notes in addition to the events and tasks. It also allows you to import calendars based on the iCalendar format.

calcurse has the ability to send reminders via emails and notifications and has a highly customizable notification system. You can easily add your recurring events or tasks. Plus, the best part is that it’s open-source and free.

If you like using the Linux command line, you will enjoy these fun CLI apps for Linux.

to download: math problem (Free)

The Best Graphical Calendars for Linux

4. GNOME Calendar

GNOME Calendar is part of the GNOME desktop environment. If you are an Ubuntu user, you may already be familiar with it. This app provides all the necessary calendar functions such as adding or removing events, editing, reschedule and much more.

GNOME Calendar aims to keep things simple with well-balanced features. You can seamlessly reschedule the events using drag and drop and sync the online calendars with your GNOME account. In addition, you can easily search for your past or future events.

The app also supports attachments and the weekly view makes it easy to manage your weekly events. Moreover, it also has a sidebar which is efficient when working on multiple calendars.

GNOME Calendar is completely free. You can easily install it from the official GNOME website. And while you’re at it, check out these GNOME Shell extensions that are very useful for customization.

to download: GNOME Calendar (Free)

5. Tomorrow Calendar

Tomorrow Calendar is a professional and one of the most powerful calendars on this list. It is a feature packed app for your Linux device.

The aesthetics and look of Morgen Calendar make for a great visual experience, and the app works great for task management and multiple accounts. In addition, Morgen offers a delegate scheduling feature that allows you to create a personalized scheduling link based on your availability.

The app helps to avoid multiple bookings and you can easily add your tasks and avoid other interruptions during these tasks. You don’t have to worry about time zones when you work remotely, because Morgen will automatically configure them for you.

Tomorrow Calendar is primarily a paid app. However, it does offer a free basic version with limitations. To unlock the full experience, you can purchase the pro version to enjoy features like unlimited scheduling links, multiple unified calendars, unlimited calendars, and much more.

to download: Tomorrow Calendar (Free, premium version available)

6. KOrganizer

KOrganizer is a GUI based calendar app with rich features and minimal design. With this app you can manage your events, tasks, groups, alarms and other things.

KOrganizer allows you to add multiple calendars and sync local and online calendars from popular services such as Google, iCloud, Microsoft, and others. The app also allows you to add attachments to your events.

The Quick Add feature makes it easy to create events and tasks. In addition, the undo and redo functions make it easy to manage your changes.

KOrganizer is a highly customizable calendar that offers different views such as daily, weekly and monthly. You can also check the calendar view to see daily tasks, events, and to-do items. KOrganizer is completely free to download and use.

to download: KOrganizer (Free)

7. Rainlendar

Rainlendar is another GUI based calendar available for multiple platforms. It’s a feature-packed calendar app that keeps your events on your desktop so you can easily remember them.

Rainlendar allows you to add events and tasks while keeping them separate for your convenience. You can set alarms for your events and tasks so that you are notified well in advance of the event. It also allows you to set multiple alarms.

The app uses the standard calendar format, ICS, making it easy to import and export calendars. You can customize the look and feel of your calendar, and the Quick Add widget lets you quickly create new appointments and tasks with one click.

Rainlendar offers most of the features for free. However, advanced features such as calendar import and export and third-party integrations are available in the pro version.

to download: Rainlendar (Free, premium version available)

Keep track of events using a calendar on Linux

Calendar apps are effective in managing your personal and business life. Every task in your life needs time and schedule management. So the memories for these events are quite important.

The apps mentioned above are some of the best ones that are actively used for personal and professional use. A good calendar app changes the way you work and manage your activities. It will really improve your productivity and efficiency.

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