Thanksgiving Box Office to Become First to Hit Horror Movie-Specific Milestone in 18 Years

Thanksgiving has become the first film to surpass a major milestone in 18 years. The new horror film, directed by Eli Roth, is an expansion of the parody trailer that contributed to the 2007 horror double feature. grinding house. The film takes place in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where an axe-wielding murderer dressed as a pilgrim appears to seek revenge for an incident that took place on a previous Black Friday.

By Deadlinehe Thanksgiving The film’s box office is projected to gross a total of $10 million in the 3-day opening weekend. This will place it at number 4 on the weekend list, behind blockbusters such as The Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Songbirds and the Snakes, The trolls uniteand the wonders. However, it has earned the distinction of being the first Eli Roth horror film to open beyond the $10 million barrier since the first to do so in 2005. Hostel (which earned $19.6 million).

How Thanksgiving Compares to Other Eli Roth Movies

Although Eli Roth is perhaps best known for his contributions to the horror genre, some of his recent theatrical appearances have been in other genres. Both his remake of the action thriller directed by Bruce Willis Desire of death and the Jack Black family movie The house with the clock in the walls It also opened above $10 million, bringing the total of films that reached that milestone to four. However, for its horror efforts, this adaptation of the Thanksgiving The trailer represents a great return to form.

It makes sense that in 2005 Hostel was the first to reach that milestone, as it became Roth’s first major hit, launching a three-part franchise after his first feature film. cabin fever It swept the box office. Although it only opened with $8.4 million, his first film more than recouped its $1.5 million budget before its run continued beyond the first three days. However, the director’s postHostel Horror movies had diminishing returns on opening weekend. See a comparison of their theatrical film releases below:



opening weekend


cabin fever

8.4 million dollars



19.6 million dollars


Hostel: Part II

8.2 million dollars


The green hell

3.5 million dollars


knock Knock



Desire of death

$13 million


The house with the clock in the walls

$26.6 million



$10 million

It remains to be seen if the film’s overall box office will be enough to earn a possible thanksgiving 2 continuation. However, Thanksgiving turns around Roth’s streak of diminishing horror returns in a major way. While his non-horror titles have still had the strongest openings of his career, this result shows that staying in the genre could be a solid move for the director in the future.

Source: Deadline

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