The 10 Most Horrible Deaths in Sci-Fi Movies

He Science fiction The genre is full of action and suspense, but also horror, and some sci-fi characters suffered truly horrible deaths. Science fiction can be considered a very flexible genre, as it easily mixes with other genres to offer attractive and exciting stories. Science fiction has close ties to fantasy and horror, but it has also been successfully combined with comedy, romance, action and drama on multiple occasions. However, no matter what genre sci-fi is mixed with and how fun, suspenseful or terrifying these films are, more often than not they feature some shocking and nightmarish deaths that push the boundaries of the genre.

Deaths in sci-fi movies go the extra mile to surprise the audience, and the fantasy elements of the genre give writers and filmmakers plenty of options to be creative. As a result, many deaths in sci-fi movies may seem exaggerated and difficult to believe, but there is no denying that they are quite shocking and difficult to forget, and some of them are simply terrifying. . These deaths range from being eaten by huge animals, succumbing to diseases or exposure to deadly chemicals, or even surprise deaths caused by mysterious creatures.

10 Donald Gennaro – Jurassic Park

Cause of death: Eaten by a dinosaur while in the bathroom.

Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero) is a lawyer sent to Jurassic Park by the park’s investors for security reasons. In it Jurassic Park In the novel, Gennaro survives the chaotic park experience, but in the film he suffers a horrible death. After encountering a T-Rex, Gennaro runs out of the car and into a nearby port-a-potty, where he sits terribly on the toilet. The T-Rex then destroys the bathroom, leaving Gennaro completely helpless, right in front of the dinosaur, which proceeds to devour him.

9 Baron Harkonnen – Dune (1984)

Cause of death: poisoned by gom jabbar.

Dune 1984 Baron Harkonnen

David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s work. Dune saw Kenneth McMillan as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Duke Leto’s rival and main antagonist of the novel and film. Baron Harkonnen is a grotesque but rich and evil figure who meets an equally grotesque but deserved end. Baron Harkonnen is poisoned with a gom jabbar (a needle tipped with metacyanide poison) from Alia Atreides, Paul’s sister and the Baron’s granddaughter. This causes the Baron to float away towards a passing giant sandworm. Although the scene has been endlessly mocked, there’s no denying that it’s a pretty gruesome death.

8 Dr. Mann – Interstellar

Cause of death: decompression.

Interstellar introduced Dr. Mann (Matt Damon), a NASA astronaut sent to an icy planet during the Lazarus program. Mann ended up attacking Cooper’s crew and hijacked a Ranger so he could dock with the Endurance and take control. It didn’t take long for Mann to pay for his betrayal and, while giving an impassioned speech about his mission, he failed to dock properly in space and died instantly when the airlock depressurized. Although it was a quick death, it is still horrible.

7 Washed – Serenity

Cause of death: Impaled by Reavers

Serenity Wash looking at the camera

Hoban Washburne, also known as Wash (Alan Tudyk), was the pilot of Serenity in the television series. Firefly and the movie Serenity, as well as the husband of the ship’s first officer, Zoë (Gina Torres). Although he was a fan favorite character, Serenity had a heartbreaking twist in store for its third act, in which Wash was killed by a Reaver ship. Wash crash-landed the Serenity near the transmission tower and, although everything seemed fine, he was suddenly impaled by a Reaver spear, killing him instantly.

6 Tarlow – Outland

Cause of death: explosive decompression.

Tarlow screaming inside his helmet in Outland

Tarlow (John Ratzenberg) is a miner on the moon of Io, where conditions are quite difficult. Because of this, Tarlow suffers an attack of stimulant psychosis that causes her to see spiders, leading her to rip his spacesuit off. Unfortunately, this results in his instant death from explosive decompression. What makes Tarlow’s death so horribly memorable are the visual effects that left nothing to the imagination.

5 Marlena – Cloverfield

Cause of death: parasite bite.

Cloverfield Marlena looking at the camera

Marlena Diamond (Lizzy Caplan) met Rob and the rest at a party, and followed Hud, Lily and Rob to rescue Beth. They soon found themselves in a battle between the Cloverfield monster and the military, so they ran towards the subway for safety. However, not even the subway was safe and they encountered several parasites, and while saving Hud, Marlena was bitten by one of them. The group managed to leave the subway and was found by soldiers and taken to a command center. There, Marlena’s condition worsened and began to bleed from his eyes before exploding. Marlena’s death was slow, painful and totally undignified.

4 Frank Poole – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Cause of death: launched into space

Dr. Frank Poole (Gary Lockwood) was part of the Discovery One mission along with Dr. Dave Bowman (Keir Dullea). When HAL 9000 began acting erratically, Frank and Dave agreed to take HAL offline, but when Frank was off the ship to replace the antenna unit, HAL took control of his capsule and launched Frank into space.. Dave used another capsule to rescue Frank and brought his corpse back to the ship, but HAL refused to let them in, so Dave was forced to release Frank’s body into infinite space. Although Frank’s death isn’t graphic, going off into space is definitely a horrible way to die.

3 Emil – RoboCop

Cause of death: toxic waste.

Robocop deformed Emil

Emil Antonowsky (Paul McCrane) was part of Clarence Boddicker’s gang and had a rather graphic and grotesque death. As he chases RoboCop, Emil crashed his truck into a toxic waste tank, and as he stumbled away, his body began to decompose and fall apart, causing Emil a lot of pain. To make matters worse, Emil tried to get help, but his condition was too shocking and he ended up being run over by his own boss in his car, completely destroying Emil’s deformed body.

2 Seth Brundle – The Fly

Cause of death: accidentally transformed by a fly.

Seth Brundle’s (Jeff Goldblum) teleportation experiment was successful, but he didn’t know there was a fly in one of the capsules, so the machine ended up fusing him with the fly on a genetic-molecular level. Although at first this granted Seth greater strength, agility, endurance, and more, he began to physically mutate and, by the end of The fly, had transformed into a monstrous creature, resembling a human fly. After accidentally fusing with a part of the telepod, Seth crawled up to Ronnie (Geena Davis) and silently begged her to kill him with a shotgun, which she did. Seth died a slow, painful and grotesque death.that earned a place in the history of science fiction.

1 Kane – Extraterrestrial

Cause of death: alien exploding out of his chest.

Alien crew around Kane

Kane (John Hurt) was the one who found the huge eggs on a moon, from which an alien creature emerged, passed through Kane’s helmet and attached itself to his face. An unconscious Kane was taken back to the Nostromo, where after a few attempts to remove the creature from his face, he broke free and was found dead. Kane woke up with some memory loss, and during the crew’s last meal, Kane choked and convulsed. While he was lying on the table, Kane’s chest exploded and an alien creature emerged from him.killing him on the spot and escaping to the ship.

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