The 10 Most Shocking Justice League Romances in DC History

Even the heroes of League of Justice They are not immune to the influence of romance. While the DC Universe is full of fan-favorite couples like Superman and Lois Lane or Hawkman and Hawkwoman, some couples have downright surprised DC’s biggest fans.

Whether they were swapping spit in an alternate universe or were a canon couple on Prime Earth, there have been plenty of couples that have made readers do a double take. Read on to see 10 of the most shocking Justice League couples in DC history.

10 Martian Manhunter loved a hero who embodied his greatest fear

The human goal #5Tom King and Greg Smallwood

Surprisingly, yes, Martian Manhunter and his Justice League International associate Fire did have a brief fling. Christopher Chance, also known as Human Target, discovered his secret partner when J’onn scanned Chance’s mind. Chance turned the tables as Martian Manhunter investigated and in return scanned the Martian’s thoughts, which were filled with thoughts of connections to Bea da Costa. What makes this couple so shocking (aside from the fact that neither party showed romantic interest in each other before), is that J’onn’s relationship The greatest psychological weakness is fire.which makes it a rather unusual affair, at least for Martian Manhunter.

9 Lex Luthor created and With date of a copy of supergirl

“Panic in Heaven”, DC Comics

Supergirl and Lex Luthor DC

It’s uncomfortable to watch, but Supergirl did have a relationship with Superman’s archenemy, Lex Luthor. This version of Lex was actually a clone of the original, who died from exposure to kryptonite and had all of Lex’s thoughts. This Lex created the Matrix, a shape-shifting artificial life form that ended up taking on Supergirl’s face. The two spent a considerable amount of time together and eventually fell in love. The relationship, however, fell apart once Supergirl discovered that Lex was secretly developing an army of Supergirl clones. While it wasn’t exactly what Supergirl or Lex fans are most familiar with, it’s still an outrageous combination all the same.

8 Black Canary and Batman had an out-of-continuity connection

All Star Batman and Robin, the boy wonder #7Frank Miller and Jim Lee

Batman and Black Canary DC Connection

Batman and Black Canary have been allies and teammates for years. But the two took their relationship to the next level in the alternate continuity of All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. In the seventh issue of the series, Black Canary is amazed to see Batman take down an entire crowd of criminals. She helps him remove the last ones and the two hug in the rain. It’s a shocking and intimate scene, but fortunately for Green Arrow, one that is the only canon in the All-Star universe.

7 Donna Troy’s marriage was quite controversial

New Teen Titans #8Marv Wolfman and George Pérez

Donna Troy and Terry Long marriage DC

Instead of a superhero, Wonder Woman’s sister, Donna Troy, was briefly married to someone no fan saw coming. Terry Long was a teacher ten years older than Donna, but the two fell in love hard and fast. It was an odd pairing because Donna was just beginning to explore her life beyond being a superhero, while Terry was almost 30, already divorced, and had a young daughter. The relationship was not a favorite among fans, who did not appreciate some of Terry’s more controversial behaviors, such as openly flirting with his students or Donna’s friends.

6 Guy Gardner’s relationship with Ice showed his hidden heart

Justice League of America #28Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Ty Templeton, and Michael McKone

It’s not controversial to say that many in the DC Universe view Green Lantern Guy Gardner as a stubborn idiot. But surprisingly, the only person he could see past his tough exterior was his Justice League International teammate, Ice, also known as Tora Olafsdotter. Ice knew there was more to Guy than the machismo he showed to the world and the two struck up a relationship that surprised most of his teammates. The relationship wasn’t perfect and in the couple’s “on and off” relationship, they have been away much longer than they have been together. But despite Gardner’s imperfections, He really loves and cares about Ice..

5 Harley Quinn and Booster Gold were a surprisingly good combination

Harley Quinn #74Sam Humphries and Sam Basri

For a brief period, Harley Quinn had a crush on the DC Universe’s strange time traveler, Booster Gold. The first two spent a lot of time together in Heroes in crisis when both were accused of being the authors of the massacre in Santuario. They later got together in the eponymous Harley series and got along quite well, bonding over shared stories about Batman and karaoke. Despite a passionate kiss between the two, the romance was nothing more than a brief crush on Harley’s partand then returned to his true love, Poison Ivy.

4 Flash and Zatanna were DC’s biggest missed opportunity

Justice League of America #187Gerry Conway and Don Heck

Zatanna and Flash Quote DC

The Flash may be incredibly loyal to Iris West, but for a brief moment, magical hero Zatanna was the object of the world’s fastest man’s affections. During the last pre-Crisis DC Universe, Flash often flirted with Zatanna, who often reciprocated his own advances. The two even made it to a dinner date at Justice League #187. Unfortunately, that was it for them, as Barry died shortly after in Crisis on Infinite Earths. When he returned, his entire story had changed and Iris was the only woman Flash wanted to be with.

3 Stargirl and Shazam were a couple that just wasn’t meant to be

AHA #47David S. Goyer, Geoff Johns and Leonard Kirk

Shazam Stargirl flirting DC

This romantic couple never got very far thanks to Shazam’s powers. After Stargirl discovered that Earth’s most powerful mortal was actually a teenager like her, the two heroes began dating. Unfortunately, other heroes who were unaware of Billy Batson’s secret thought it was inappropriate for the seemingly adult Captain to spend so much time with a teenage girl. Unable to reveal his identity thanks to the Wisdom of Solomon, Billy broke off his relationship with Stargirl, who begged him to reconsider. The two haven’t dated sincewhich is sad because they really liked each other.

2 Batman and Batgirl’s relationship destroyed Bruce’s friendship with Nightwing

Batman Beyond 2.0 #28Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, Craig Rousseau and Phil Hester

Batman dated Batgirl DC

Another of Batman’s most controversial pairings is non-canon, which is a good thing because it would make Prime Nightwing lose his mind. Batman Beyond 2.0 was a continuation of the DCAU continuity and issue #28 of the series revealed that Barbara Gordon was pregnant. To further complicate matters, the timing of the pregnancy meant that her partner, Dick Grayson, is not the father, but Batman. In an astonishing moment, Bruce confronts Dick and reveals that Bruce and Barbara were in a relationship while Nightwing was in Bludhaven. Fortunately, this wasn’t Primary Earth, because a revelation like that has the potential to destroy the Bat-Family.

1 Superman and Wonder Woman surprised the world with a kiss

Justice League #12Geoff Johns, Scott Williams and Jim Lee

In a moment that shocked the world, the Man of Steel and the Amazing Amazon were connected in canon. During the New 52, ​​Wonder Woman and Superman took an incredible leap forward in their relationship and became a couple. This was not a brief fling, as the two were together for much of the New 52 period, even earning a shared title. Superman/Wonder Woman, to show the literal power couple. However, for better or worse, Clark and Diana’s relationship ended shortly before DC Rebirth reestablished Lois Lane as Superman’s greatest love. It was an interesting period for the two heroes, but it was not a relationship built to last.

There is no shortage of stunning couples in the world. the Justice League history, but these 10 pairs stand out as the most surprising.

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