The 5 Best Tesla Safety Features

Electric vehicles are already beating combustion engine cars in efficiency, but they are also some of the safest vehicles you can buy. Tesla’s range of cars has earned high safety ratings across the board, and the mass of the batteries placed lower reduces the risk of tipping over.

Tesla is a company that prides itself on being a leader in technical innovation, and part of innovation is staying at the forefront of occupant safety.

1. Teslas have a low rollover risk due to the position of the batteries

Many people criticize electric vehicles, especially Tesla EVs, for the weight that lithium-ion batteries add to the vehicle. There’s no denying that electric vehicle batteries tend to add significant weight. But the positive twist to this is that when those heavy batteries are placed very low in the vehicle, like in a Tesla, the car’s center of gravity goes lower.

This means that handling will improve and the risk of tipping over is significantly reduced. Teslas have excellent rollover ratings, and according to: Tesla’s blog, the Model Y has a historic rollover rating. The Model Y is leagues above any other SUV when it comes to this important statistic. Obviously the rating is super impressive, but the Model Y isn’t a traditional SUV either. So maybe it’s not best to compare it to larger SUVs. Anyway, Tesla passed the rollover test.

The NHTSA’s assessment found that Model Y has a rollover risk of 7.9%, the lowest of any SUV registered by the organization to date.

It’s clear that the Model Y is an extremely safe vehicle, especially when compared to other SUVs, which can’t quite compete with its astonishingly low rollover risk rates. Again, this is something shoppers usually don’t look at, but in emergency maneuvers these numbers are super important.

2. Tesla vehicles have better crumple zones due to the lack of an engine

Tesla’s vehicles are basically the safest cars on the road right now. They are designed from the ground up to keep their passengers safe. This is especially true during a head-on crash, where Tesla’s engineering ensures that their vehicles can handle the impact much better than a typical gasoline-powered car.

The main difference here is the location of the engine, which in a conventional car sits in the front and will not please the driver in a crash. In a head-on collision with another object, the engine of a combustion-engined car bounces back into the passenger compartment, which is not a pleasant thing to think about.

But Tesla has designed its vehicles to have large crumple zones in the front, which absorb impact much more efficiently than a front-engined vehicle. Elon Musk is especially proud of the crumple zones in his vehicles and their safety. It’s actually great that Tesla makes vehicles that are among the best performing EVs money can buy, while also building some of the safest EVs.

3. Tesla also offers automatic emergency braking

Not many people want to think about having an accident while driving, especially when looking for a new vehicle. But this is a super important aspect to consider when buying a new car. In fact, this is perhaps the most important aspect to consider. Vehicles are intended as a means of transport, but the safety of the occupants must always be the highest priority.

The Model 3 is an extremely safe car and it will even step on the brakes in certain situations where the driver may not be able to react in time. This super-intelligent system has the potential to save countless lives. Many accidents are caused when drivers are unaware of their surroundings, often as a result of distracted driving.

If Model 3 senses that an accident cannot be avoided, it will brake on its own. According to the Tesla Owner’s Manual, this system is super smart and won’t continue to brake in some scenarios. The system must be able to detect when the user wants to overwrite it intentionally and provides space to do so.

For example, if the driver suddenly presses the accelerator pedal, the vehicle will stop automatically braking. Features like these ensure that automated safety features actually protect drivers rather than potentially causing more trouble than they’re worth.

4. The Tesla Model Y warns you of objects in your blind spot

While driving, the blind spot in a vehicle can prove to be extremely dangerous. It’s very scary to find yourself on the road when you suddenly change lanes and crash into a car hiding in your blind spot.

This happens quite often and drivers fall victim to this phenomenon because they look through their side mirrors when trying to change lanes. Unfortunately, this means that the vehicle cannot be seen in the rear-view mirror in the blind spot. According to the Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manualit provides a system that alerts you to vehicles hiding in your blind spot, which is extremely helpful in keeping drivers safe.

Such systems will rapidly reduce the number of accidents that occur each year, mainly due to driver error. If a computer can help fill the void where human judgment can fail, many accidents can be prevented.

When an object is detected in your blind spot or near the side of Model Y (such as a vehicle, crash barrier, etc.), the touchscreen displays colored lines emerging from your vehicle’s image.

5. Tesla uses integrated cameras for Sentry Mode

The integrated cameras on the body of a Tesla help keep your vehicle safe. Sentry Mode is activated when your vehicle detects suspicious activity and starts recording your Tesla’s surroundings to capture possible wrongdoing on camera. It is also possible to activate your Tesla cameras before arriving at the vehicle (via the Tesla app) to inspect the vehicle’s surroundings and ensure the coast is clear.

This technology allows you to rest at ease knowing that your Tesla can record everything that happens around it. Sentry Mode also sends a notification to your smartphone if something happens to your vehicle while it is parked.

Tesla makes some of the safest cars on the road

It’s great that a company that makes some of the fastest accelerating cars in the world can also boast one of the safest vehicle ranges in the automotive industry. Of course, the safety features don’t mean you can drive recklessly, but it’s good to know you’re in safe hands.

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