The 6 Best White Noise Apps for Linux to Help You Relax

White noise is a combined sound of different frequencies. The resulting sound creates a soothing effect. Examples of white noise include water flowing through a stream, birds chirping in the morning, or raindrops falling on leaves.

These frequencies help mask background noise by engaging your ears with positive sounds. All these white noises will give you a soothing feeling.

White noise apps do just that, letting you relax or focus by minimizing the disturbance of background noise. These apps can even help you go to sleep.

So let’s take a look at six white noise apps for Linux that you can download for free and enjoy.

1. Blanket

Blanket is an open-source and free white noise app for Linux. It improves your focus and increases productivity. You can use it to play multiple sounds of your choice at different volumes according to your preferences.

The app has some built-in sounds like Travel, Nature, Interior and an option to add more. It supports all major sound file formats like MP3, AAC and more. In addition, it offers excellent playback support and integration with your desktop to increase usability.

To download: Blanket (Free)

2. Focusli

Focusli is a shell applet that provides calming background noise features. You need to install GNOME shell on your distro to use Focusli. Allows you to play sounds directly from the GNOME notification bar.

The app has a minimal user interface that is easy to use. You can switch between the different sounds you want to play, such as natural sounds, coffee shop background, campfire, wind and raindrops. It also makes it possible to change the volume for multiple audios playing at the same time.

Focusli also supports adding custom audio. You can also use the app for offline playback.

To download: focuslic (Free)

3. Calm

Tranqil is another Linux app that plays relaxing white noise. The app has a minimal user interface which makes it easy to use even for new users.

You can select sounds to your preference by simply clicking on the images. It gives you three options to choose from: forest, night in the mountains and sea. You can simply click on the images to start or stop a sound. It also allows you to adjust the volume for each audio individually.

Tranqil is free to use and you can install it on your Linux machine by following the instructions on the GitHub page.

To download: Quiet (Free)

4. Ambient noise

Ambient Noise is another solid white noise app for Linux. It offers eight different sounds to provide a relaxing experience.

The app allows you to focus and concentrate, improving your productivity. You can choose from the various sounds available, such as fire, forest, night, rain, sea, storm and wind sounds. The app does not require an internet connection to play the white noise, which is an added plus.

Ambient Sound is a free app. You can also boost this app by adding more audio files to it.

To download: Ambient noise (Free)

5. SoX

SoX is a powerful white noise sound utility. It has a lot of features, from sound conversion to white noise, and it supports a lot of different file formats.

SoX is more suitable for advanced users as it offers the option to manually change the white noise sound frequency according to your preferences. It allows you to play white noise and brown noise with advanced commands.

You may need some knowledge of terminals to use SoX as it takes commands to configure and play different sounds. SoX is free to use and allows to download and play sounds you like.

To download: SoX (Free)

6. Gnaural

If you are an advanced tech geek who wants to listen to calming sounds, then Gnaural is the app for you. It mixes audio from two different frequencies and plays both at the same time.

This combination of sounds creates a unique white noise that can relax your mind. This continuous sound also aids in meditation.

The two different frequencies create an illusion of a third sound in front of your ears, giving a soothing effect. The app developers claim to have studied brain and meditation, so we think you can count on this app.

Gnaural is an open source and free app. It can play sound directly through your computer’s sound system, or you can also create a new sound file.

To download: Gnaural (Free)

Take your time to relax with these apps

With all the hustle and bustle of modern life, it is normal to lose focus and composure. The white noise apps can be of great help in these situations and help you relax.

You can choose from the above apps according to your technical knowledge and preference. Use these apps to focus on your work or just relax.

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