The 8 most beautiful Linux distributions to please your visual senses

The ingenuity of Linux as a functional operating system cannot be undermined. Its open-source nature and sheer number of distros available make Linux a preferred choice for beginners and advanced users alike.

Nevertheless, most Linux distributions offer commendable and transcendent desktop experiences. Each distro may be unique in its offerings, but some are very exceptional given their layout and graphical interfaces.

If you’re a beauty lover and looking for some stylish, eye-catching and popular Linux distributions, you should check out these eight distros that offer a visually appealing interface out-of-the-box.

elementary OS is a great looking Linux distribution, which promises to appeal to the masses as well as the classes. Jólnir, the latest version of the basic operating system, aims to provide intelligent and capable window management, end-to-end stability, a diverse repository consisting of top-notch, open-source and premium packages.

The distro’s new multitasking view helps you smoothly switch between windows, allowing you to switch workspaces with a swipe. With the latest Picture-in-Picture feature, you can use the desktop as a kind of dashboard.

elementary OS is one of the best Linux distributions for professional creators and developers, who might be looking for some extra brownie points with their Linux knowledge.

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The window switch is optimized to avoid light sensitivity challenges. elementary OS “Jólnir” offers an attractive dark mode theme as an alternative to the default light theme.

The distro’s compatibility with the latest dedicated and hybrid GPU ensembles allows you to make the most of the visual nuances.

To download: elementary operating system

Zorin OS is an open-source alternative to Windows and macOS. The distro creates an interface that borrows the best visual elements from its direct competitors.

Zorin OS lets you choose between GNOME and XFCE desktops. Zorin’s automated time-based background changes, curved windows and menus, animations and transitions feel more tangible when experienced with touchpads.

Zorin believes in giving you full control over the user interface and the customizability of the shell. You can customize themes for all applications according to the shell design. Alternatively, you can mix and match the individual components for an extravagant effect. To date, Zorin OS is the best Linux distro for Linux newbies.

Zorin has an endless supply of GTK themes to brighten up your desktop, all of which are available and supported by the active community. Rather, Zorin OS Lite delivers almost the same visual richness as the full version, but on low-end hardware.

To download: Zorin OS

MX Linux comes with the XFCE desktop environment and a standard mx-comfort theme. The light and airy desktop allows you to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing workspace and increases the productivity of your desktop. It contains a set of eye-catching wallpapers and icon packs for efficient use.

Based on Debian, MX Linux allows you to seamlessly switch to other desktops like Fluxbox and KDE. Fluxbox is ideal for you if you want your desktop to have a dock with beautiful macOS-inspired iconography.

Fortunately, MX and KDE complement each other beautifully. KDE brings beautiful widgets, icon packs, cursors and other features with the help of an active support community.

The customizability of MX Linux extends to its core components, including graceful graphics. Adjust settings to optimize your use of existing resources for better performance or increase it for maximum effect, the choice as yours.

To download: MX Linux

Pop!_OS is an Ubuntu-based distro that meets the needs of creative professionals. The distro is being rolled out with its native workflow centered shell designs, desktop layouts and workspace environments.

Pop Shell gives an auto-tiled look that automatically organizes your workspaces. The gesture support of the dock and touchpad provide a neomorphic atmosphere. Pop!_OS’s gestures, transitions, and workspace navigation accentuate the macOS-like dock that comes with customizable features.

Pop!_OS impresses you with its workspace management, as you can quickly isolate switchable workspaces to separate different tasks and windows. You can exert smooth navigational control over this with the distro’s intuitive combinations.

Pop!_OS is rolled out with GNOME by default and allows for maximum customization, with enough themes, extensions and icon packs to further spruce up the desktop interface.

To download: Pop!_OS

Garuda Linux is an Arch-based distro for desktop users that combines desktop beautification with a functional user interface. The distribution lets you choose from KDE, XFCE, GNOME, LXQt, Wayfire, Qtile, bspwm, i3wm, and Sway.

Whatever desktop environment you use, Garuda will immediately grab your attention with its default dark mode theme. Given Garuda’s extensive desktop support, you can use the native desktop themes available for each of these environments, in addition to Garuda’s default UI.

The shell design and layout of the distro maximize the GUI-driven state. The Linux zen kernel specializes in leveraging your hardware to deliver top-notch performance in gaming and multimedia tasks.

To download: Garuda Linux

Solus will please you with its eye-catching desktop and operational customizability. This versatile desktop distro with the Budgie desktop environment.

Solus guarantees an easy-to-use desktop with a Windows-like sidebar for productivity, entertainment and date/time widgets. Solus is also one of the best Linux distributions for programmers and developers.

Budgie themes your desktop with GTK designs for a simple, easy-to-use, and elegant environment. The developers of the distro recommend using the MATE desktop environment, especially if you want to use Solus visually at its best, without investing in high-end hardware.

That said, Solus runs like a charm on high-end systems and continues to draw attention as a gamer-friendly operating system. The widgets and motion animations on Solus come to life when Budgie’s settings are fully up.

To download: Solus

KDE Neon is an Ubuntu based distro with synchronized Ubuntu LTS support. KDE Neon takes advantage of the flagship Plasma desktop environment and injects the best aesthetics from Windows and macOS to smooth out a productive computing experience.

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Plasma gives you a Windows-style taskbar with sharp-edged windows and a lightweight default theme. Plasma’s KRunner launcher turns your GUI desktop into a command-driven system that gets rid of cumbersome menus and multiple folder views.

Like some other distributions, Plasma also comes with an alternative dark theme, extending the color scheme to any installed application. Despite its graphically rich feature set, you can easily switch to KDE Neon as it has low system requirements.

KDE Neon continues to be a strong contender in the list of the best visually appealing and lightweight Linux distributions.

To download: KDE Neon

Feren OS will impress you with its inherent, simple menu that presents you your favorite apps. The new icon design schemes, six desktop layouts, fading transitions and animated task changes make it a dazzling experience for the end users.

There are plenty of prominent features in the Feren OS Classic version, which brings together the best of the Cinnamon desktop components directly with the birth of KDE Plasma. However, Feren’s adaptability allows you to switch back and forth within the Plasma design.

Feren OS lets you do more work by customizing fast-growing desktop elements that pollute your workflow. The Feren community provides some picturesque GTK themes for your layout, which can be applied using the Global Theme Tool in Plasma.

To download: Feren OS

Choosing the Most Beautiful Linux Distro for Yourself

Every distro in this list is one of the best within the Linux universe. Linux is known to offer a variety of versatile distributions, and these eight distributions continue to appeal to users’ visual senses with their keen sense of style, panache, and color combinations, among other things.

So which one are you going to try today?

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