The Crown Season 6: Princess Diana’s “ghost” explained and what her appearance means to Queen Elizabeth

The crown Season 6, Part 1 depicts the death of Princess Diana and also adds a few moments where she returns as a “ghost,” including an appearance that has special meaning for Queen Elizabeth II. The crown handles Diana’s death with respect, in one of the most anticipated moments of the entire series. However, the car accident with Dodi Fayed is not the last time Diana appears on the show because she also returns at the end of part 1 of The crown season 6.

Although The crown It primarily follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II as monarch of the United Kingdom; Princess Diana is also a big part of the show. Diana becomes the central focus in The crown season 6, part 1, which follows her final months, leading to the car accident that killed her and Fayed on August 31, 1997. The tragedy is depicted in episode 3, “Dis-Moi Oui”, but Diana returns for two controversial scenes. her as a “ghost” in episode 4, “Aftermath”.

Princess Diana’s appearances as Ghost In The Crown season 6 explained

Diana speaks with Charles and Queen Elizabeth.

In The crown Season 6, Episode 4, “Aftermath,” Following the death of Princess Diana, Prince Charles goes to Paris to identify her body and bring it back to the United Kingdom. After an emotional scene in the morgue, Diana’s “ghost” appears to a tearful Charles on the flight home. She seems to be there to make him feel better, thanking him for her behavior at the hospital. Her conversation, including Diana’s recognition that he is “elegant“, shows that he never saw her romantically. It was always a friendship in his mind.

The crown Season 6, Part 1 is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Later in the episode, Diana’s “ghost” appears next to Queen Elizabeth as the latter watches television and tries to decide the best course of action regarding the princess’s funeral. Deeply hurt, Elizabeth tells Diana that she managed to destroy her family. Diana tells Elizabeth to look beyond her pain and set an example for her. This advice would help the Queen regain the sympathy of a public that criticizes her lack of reaction to Diana’s death.

The crown Creator Peter Morgan dismissed the word “ghost” when referring to the character’s reappearance in an interview..The word “ghost” is not useful. I never wrote anything from a supernatural perspective, at all.,” he said Deadline. He further explained: “W.When someone has just passed away, that person is still alive in the minds of all those who are close to them and love them. And sometimes it’s impossible to get them out of your head.“This turns Diana into a mental image, rather than a ghost.

The meaning behind Queen Elizabeth’s encounter with Diana’s Ghost in the Crown Season 6 Part 1 Finale

There was a reason Queen Elizabeth looked back at the end.

Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth deep in thought in The Crown Season 6 Part 1 Finale

Following the news of Diana’s death, Queen Elizabeth struggles to figure out what she wants to do with her and the funeral. Her first instinct is to focus on protecting the children, Prince William and Prince Harry, and staying with them at Balmoral. In The crown, Charles insists on giving Diana a public funeral amid increasingly grieving British supporters taking to the streets. Princess Diana appears as a “ghost” to Queen Elizabeth and advises her what to do. Diana’s vivid mental image of her leads Queen Elizabeth on the right path.

After organizing her public funeral and giving the address to the nation, Queen Elizabeth begins to pray and looks back at the last moment, before the camera cuts to black and the episode ends. What that moment means is that she is finally acknowledging Diana’s death. She turns around and expects to see Diana there approving of her behavior and actions. However, she is alone, as happens when a loved one dies. It is an emotional moment for Queen Elizabeth to realize that she is seeking the approval of the person who most desires her love and approval.

The last six episodes of The crown will arrive on Netflix on December 16, 2023.

Why the appearance of Princess Diana’s ghost in the crown is controversial

The Crown has often received criticism for the way it handled important issues.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana putting on sunglasses in The Crown Season 6 Part 1

Princess Diana’s “ghost” is considered very controversial, leading The crown season 6 to its lowest-scoring season on Rotten Tomatoes. The crown is loosely based on the British monarchy and, throughout its six seasons, the writers have taken creative freedom to fill in gaps impossible to know in real life. The backlash continues throughout season 6 due to his approach to Princess Diana. While it would have been impossible to completely rule out Diana’s death, there was no need to further dramatize a topic that has already been debated and adapted so many times.

Of course, in real life, it has never been claimed that Diana’s “ghost” appeared to Charles and Queen Elizabeth. If she had reappeared, she would have done so for her sons, William and Harry, not for Charles or Queen Elizabeth. In addition to that, since The crown has dedicated more than two seasons to Diana, and her return in an episode that explores the “aftermath” of her death demonstrates that the series continues to rely on dramatic and soapy stories instead of being the serious drama it intended at the beginning.

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