“The Ghostly Marilyn Moonlight”: Superman teams up with a mysterious new companion for an adventure in the Wild West

After decades of space adventures, Superman He finally ventures into the Wild West, with a strange new companion in tow. Superman will finally try to solve the mystery of Metropolis’s new vigilante, the enigmatic woman known as marilyn moonlight.

Readers are promised a Wild West adventure with Superman and new heroine Marilyn Moonlight in the next Superman #10 by Joshua Williamson and Bruno Redondo. After Superman has struggled to deal with Lex Luthor’s old enemies, he must now deal with the mystery of Marilyn Moonlight. Marilyn has appeared several times in the comics so far, but it hasn’t been explained exactly who she is or even why she’s here, but readers will finally get the answers from her soon, as teased in the request. Superman #10, below.

  • superman #10
  • Release date: January 16, 2024
  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Artists: Bruno Redondo
  • Cover Artists: Jamal Campbell
  • Variant cover artists: Lee Bermejo, Bruno Redondo, Leirix, Mirko Colak
  • Hello, partners! Welcome to the Wild West of Metropolis, where the Man of Tomorrow meets the Man of Yesterday! Clark Kent is on a rodeo adventure alongside the ghostly Marilyn Moonlight as they get to the bottom of why she haunts the night. She gathers your group and join us for an encounter like you’ve never seen before. Yes, Ja!

Superman prepares for a wild adventure

Superman-10-1 main cover

Superman is no stranger to new characters. He recently welcomed two new characters to his own family: Osul-Ra and Otho-Ra. At the same time, a mysterious woman named Marilyn Moonlight has appeared in Metropolis, but it’s still unclear exactly why she is or who she is. She appears to have powers based on the moon or light, and she cannot be physically touched if she does not want to. While it is clear that she is not a malevolent force in Metropolis, the only clue to her history is a flash of an ancient western city in an earlier issue of Superman.

The last time Superman encountered Marilyn Moonlight, he was overcome by a vision of an ancient Wild West city. Now, although the means are still unclear, DC promises to take readers and Superman back to the Wild West to explore the origins of Metropolis’ most mysterious new antihero who operates primarily at night (unlike Superman himself). Considering that Superman first had a vision of this ancient city when interacting with Marilyn, it is likely that she is the cause of the two suddenly traveling back to the Wild West. It’s unclear if this is real time travel or just Superman reliving Marilyn Moonlight’s memories. The only thing that is certain is that this is a situation Superman rarely finds himself in.

Marilyn Moonlight is the coolest new heroine in Metropolis

Marilyn Moonlight dressed in black and white

Superman has encountered many new enemies in the last Superman title, and it might be time for him to find new allies. While Marilyn Moonlight hasn’t been overtly hostile to Superman, she’s not exactly an ally either. She seems like a ghost trapped inside Metropolis for reasons no one understands yet. Yeah Superman can get to the bottom of the mystery of marilyn moonlightIt is very likely that you have a new ally to help you face the coming threats.

Superman #10 It’s on sale January 16th from DC Comics!

SUPERMAN #10 (2023)

Superman-10-1 main cover

  • Writer: Joshua Williamson
  • Artist: Bruno Redondo
  • Cover Artist: Jamal Campbell

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