The Golden Age Flash improves one of Captain America’s best moves

stay aside Captain Americabecause the Golden Age Flash has put an incredible spin on the Avenger’s iconic move. Steve Rogers could defeat villains with his iconic shield throw, but the original Fastest Man Alive makes a slight adjustment to make Cap’s favorite tactic much more effective.

In a preview of Jay Garrick: The Flash #2 By Jeremy Adams and Diego Olortegui, the Justice Society of America finds itself in a hidden base in Germany fighting a legion of terrifying creatures. The team is overwhelmed by the army and asks Doctor Fate to ask Flash for help.






Jay Garrick arrives there in an instant to lend a hand to his allies. As Flash approaches the Legion at super speed, he launches his helmet which bounces back and forth while decapitating the numerous drones. With the path clear, Jay delivers a devastating blow to the strange supervillain, Ro-Bear.

Flash can use his helmet to knock out an army

Jay Garrick DC Comics

Jay Garrick’s innovative way of taking out this massive collection of villains is quite similar to how Captain America beats up bad guys. Since Steve Rogers’ early days as the Marvel Universe’s main hero, he has been using his iconic star-studded shield as a disc-like weapon. Thanks to the special alloy that the shield is made of, every time Captain America throws it, it bounces from one place to another until it is back in Rogers’ possession. Steve has spent much of his professional career mastering the shield throw, and it is usually his go-to move when he takes out more low-level villains.

While Captain America throwing his shield is a great move, Golden Age Flash has put a pretty interesting spin on it. Sure, Jay doesn’t have super strength, but he does have advanced speed. Sprinters can increase their strength running at incredibly fast speeds, so no one forgets Wally West’s classic Infinite Mass Punch. Jay doesn’t go as fast as Wally, but the older Flash travels fast enough to give his throw the power he needs. Like Cap’s shield, Jay’s helmet bounces from bad guy to bad guy, but Jay’s move manages to be even more devastating when his helmet is seen decapitating the drones. Flash’s upgrade to Captain America’s movement is not only more effective, but also more lethal.

Captain America can’t match the Flash’s powerful throw

Captain America throwing his shield.

Of course, superheroes like Captain America and the Flash go to great lengths not to take lives, and decapitation is not a standard battle tactic. But when faced with a horde of mindless drones, zombies or robots, sometimes extreme measures are needed. While Cap could probably rip someone’s head off if he really wanted to, it would be difficult given that Steve is, at best, just an enhanced human being. Jay’s metahuman speeds allow him accomplish feats that Rogers never could. While the captain America movement could be better known, the Golden Age Flash has refined it to be far more damaging than the Marvel hero could ever dream of.

Jay Garrick: The Flash #2 It will go on sale November 21 from DC Comics.

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