The Important Smart Home Protocol Officially Arrives

The smart home space is poised to get even better with the official launch of a major stand.

Matter 1.0 is launched

In a blog post, the Connectivity Standards Alliance has officially announced the release of the Matter 1.0 specification and the launch of a product certification program. The SDK and open source reference design are also complete.

Most importantly, any alliance member with devices already deployed and with plans to update products to the Matter standard can do so after certification.

There are more than 550 alliance members, including big names like Amazon, Apple, Google. Signify, SmartThings and much more.

Matter relies on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and Thread technology. Thread provides an energy-efficient and reliable mesh network in the home. Learn more about Thread technology and how it will improve communication between smart home devices.

What is the next step for Matter?

Now that the standard has been officially released, you can expect a wave of compatible products and solutions.

For example, Google just released a new Nest Pro Wi-Fi system that is both a Thread border router and a Matter hub. An upcoming update to the Google Home app will also provide quick installation of Matter products.

Apple and Amazon are also preparing hardware and software for the Matter standard.

Matter’s first release supports some common smart home products such as door locks, media devices such as TVs, HVAC controllers, and more.

Why matter matters

Anyone interested in smart home technology knows that the current market is segmented with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s HomeKit leading the way.

When shopping for smart home products, buyers should ensure that their purchase is compatible with their chosen smart home hub.

But matter has the potential to make that big problem a thing of the past. Matter compatible products are designed to work with any controller that has adopted the standard.

You can see Matter in action and how it can make it easier for smart home fans.

A big first step

Now that the Matter standard has been released, let the fun begin. While the smart home arena won’t change overnight, it’s a great start to a more interoperable future.

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