The MCU’s Avengers’ First Challenge Gets Even Bigger in Marvel’s Phase 5

Marvel’s Phase 5 is in the home stretch, but it still faces a challenge that’s even greater than the one presented by the first version of the MCU. the Avengers. Since the first pivotal appearance of the founding members of The Avengers in 2012, being a part of the team has been the dream and destiny of many subsequent MCU heroes. Since the Infinity Saga, however, the number of alleged members in the context of the Multiverse Saga makes the team seem more nebulous than ever, which could pose a familiar problem for Marvel in Phases 5 and 6.

In an excerpt from the book The art of Marvel’s Avengers, executive producer Victoria Alonso admitted that the studio faced the challenge of bringing together a group of very different heroes as part of a cohesive team. At the time, this was a widespread concern, as the prospect of mixing so many strong MCU superheroes with established backstories threatened to create a chaotic final product. Fortunately, the first team was an iconic success. The full quote is as follows:

The challenge is making sure that all of these different types of superheroes feel like they belong on a team, and not like misfits, to the viewer. And that’s what you get: a team of people who could go into battle together.

The “misfits” problem of 2011’s The Avengers is even more potent for Avengers: Kang Dynasty

It’s been a long time since the first version of the Avengers debuted, and the supposed lineup of the new Avengers is arguably more disparate than the originals. Now that most of the founding members of the Avengers have died or fallen into the background, Marvel is once again faced with the challenge of uniting a whole new group of misfits. In the context of Multiverse Saga, that challenge has increased significantly for many reasons.

For one, There are many more characters that the MCU can bring together.. Whatever the first Multiverse Saga team is, the vast multitude of characters, both new and old, will present a challenge in creating satisfying relationships between them. This is particularly difficult for those who have barely established themselves in the overall narrative, given that the MCU is quickly approaching. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. For another, the lineup has never looked more eclecticwith 1:1″replacement“Heroes like Iron Heart and Stature will likely be joined by groundbreaking characters like Moon Knight and The Fantastic Four.

How the MCU’s Multiverse Saga Can Help the Avengers 5 Team Come Together

Being so vast, the Multiverse provides an infinite number of MacGuffins for the MCU to exploit. Among them is the presence of variants whose arrival can help demonstrate that teaming up is part of the destiny of the new team. A perverse example of this was in Spider-Man: No way home, in which villains from alternate universes learned that their impending doom in their original universes required an uneasy alliance to prevent their return. Alternatively, new characters could see an alternate version of themselves as part of a team, proving that they can (and should) work together.

Either way, Marvel has already proven that it can handle the prospect of bringing together much more than just six heroes.. One of Avengers: Infinity WarThe strongest aspects were the many unlikely team-ups that saw the Avengers carry out different plot threads. Avengers Endgame, for his part, did the same before ending up in a battle involving thousands of heroes at once. How the MCU decides to handle a multiverse of possibilities remains to be seen, but experience would suggest that the new Avengers They are in good hands.

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