The next MCU TV show after Loki is testing another Disney+ release method

The latest MCU Disney+ shows have deviated from the traditional release method and the announcement of And if…? Season 2 reveals that it will also be released in a completely unique schedule. And if…? Season 2 will be the last MCU project to be released in 2023 when it arrives on Disney+ in December. The season will see the return of characters from Season 1, including Iron Man, Captain Carter, and Black Widow, while also incorporating new variants, including the introduction of Kahhori, the MCU’s first original superhero not based on Marvel Comics.

Since the premiere of WandaVision, The MCU’s Disney+ originals have followed the same release schedule. In particular, they broadcast weekly., recalling traditional television networks that forced viewers to wait every week for new episodes to air. Disney+ subverted the binge model commonly associated with streaming, and because viewers didn’t have access to the entire season at once, they were able to spend the time between episodes theorizing and building anticipation. However, Marvel Studios is showing a willingness to experiment, as And if…? and Echo They both try something new.

And if…? Season 2 Will Implement New MCU TV Show Release Method

And if…? Season 2 introduces a completely new model to the franchise. And if…? Season 2 will air one episode each consecutive day, starting December 22. and the 9-episode season will end on December 30. This big change is actually the third new release method for MCU Disney+ shows in 2023. Loki moved from the service’s usual premiere time of 12am/midnight EST to 9pm EST. Furthermore, although it will not be released until next year, it was previously announced that Echo It will release all its episodes at once on January 10, 2024.

Why Marvel Studios’ Release Method Experiments Are Great for the MCU

Young Peter Quill with glowing eyes walking through fire in What If...?  season 2 trailer

Marvel Studios’ decision to experiment with different release schedules is a great choice for the company that can help reintroduce a sense of excitement for the MCU. Each unique release method can work in the series’ favor, depending on what its broader purpose is within the MCU. Loki Season 2, for example, had a lot riding on it, as the destruction of the multiverse seemed imminent. Each episode strategically ended on a cliffhanger, and releasing the episodes in the evening meant that viewers could immediately gather and discuss episode endings and theories.

Echo is the first MCU show to be released under Marvel’s Spotlight series, which will feature standalone, character-driven stories that do not require viewers to have seen other MCU projects to understand their plots. Due to its autonomous nature, it makes sense that all episodes of Echo Season 1 would drop immediately. Less reliance on cliffhangers and twists may mean that weekly releases wouldn’t have the same benefit. However, And if…? It seems to be presented as a big event, there to watch as people gather for the holidays. If these new release methods work, expect more in the MCU’s future.

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