The Pokémon manga made Pikachu even stronger than the anime

Despite being better known as a game and anime, Pokemon It also has a manga iteration, in which Pikachu is much stronger in its early stages. Pokémon Adventures It initially follows the adventures of Red, a young trainer determined to catch all the Pokémon. His early adventures mirror Ash’s, but there are some important differences worth noting.

Pokémon Adventures It began publication in 1997, by the creative team of Hidenori Kusaka and Mato. He continued along with the ever-growing franchise and concluded the Sword and shield bow last year. Its first chapters were very similar to the games and the anime, which is interesting considering that the manga series began publishing a month before the anime began airing.

Reviewing Pikachu’s battle against Brock’s Onix

In chapter five, “Onix is ​​on!“, Red goes to the Pewter City gym to catch up with his rival Blue. Unlike Ash, Red and his Pikachu have not fully bonded at this point in their journey, especially since the electric mouse was not his first companion. However, he is forced to use Pikachu in the gym challenge against Brock. The most surprising aspect of this version of the Pikachu vs. Onix showdown is that the little rodent manages to win without needing any special power-ups, unlike his counterparts. from the anime of this duo. Onix has a clear advantage here, as always, but even so, he can’t claim victory over Red and his new Pokémon.

The first season of Pokémon features the episode “Showdown in Pewter City,” which features Ash using Pikachu to fight Brock. The showdown has the electric mouse at a serious disadvantage, resulting in a defeat and then an eventual reinforcement by Brock’s father, Flint. The rematch shows Pikachu winning the gym challenge despite its type handicap, but only because it was overpowered. On the contrary, the manga shows that a Pikachu has the potential to defeat an Onix without too many problems if it is strong enough. In this case, the teammate Red struggles, until he teams up with his trainer and opens up to friendship, becoming a manga and anime cliché in the best possible way.

Pokemon Adventures Forges a Bond Between Pikachu and Red Similar to Pikachu and Ash

ash and pikachu

In another strange occurrence, during their battle in the gym, Red stops Pikachu from being hit by an attack. This is similar to how Ash protects his Pikachu from Spearow and Fearow. By putting themselves in danger, these trainers show that they are willing to give everything to protect their new friends, resulting in a very strong relationship. When this happens in the manga, Pikachu has the willpower and determination to finish the fight for good, shattering Onix’s segmented rock body. While this is an unconventional gym battle that most Pokemon fans are familiar, Red’s Pikachu he proves to be stronger than Ash at the same point in his journey when placed in the same matchup.

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