The Sonos Sub Mini is here

The popular home theater company continues to expand its range of speakers.

Sonos continues to expand its powerful and popular home theater range.

We tell you more about the recently announced Sonos Sub Mini.

Sonos Sub Mini: bass for less

In a press release, Sonos has officially unveiled the Sonos Sub Mini. It’s designed to work with other Sonos home speaker products and is made for a small or medium-sized room.

Both custom woofers are housed in an acoustically sealed cabinet and face inward to create a force-cancelling effect that neutralizes distortion.

The Sub Mini’s bass response is maximized thanks to digital signal processing. And a round design means it won’t take up too much space in a room next to your television.

Adding the Sub Mini only takes a few minutes with the Sonos app. You can also use the Trueplay function which detects and adjusts the subwoofer sound for the best possible listening experience in a room.

Along with Wi-Fi, you can connect the Sub Mini with the built-in 10/100 Ethernet connection.

The Sonos Sub Mini arrives on October 6, 2022 and sell for $429. Buyers can choose from a matte black or white version of the speaker.

Along with the Sub Mini, Sonos also offers the larger and more expensive Sub that retails for $749.

Sonos continues to take the right steps

It’s been an important year for Sonos as the speaker company introduces more products in a wide range of price ranges.

In May 2022, the company unveiled the lower-cost Sonos Ray soundbar for home theater. And Sonos has more interesting products in the pipeline, including a new high-end speaker codenamed Optimo 2 that reportedly has a dual-angled shell.

Are you ready to rock with the Sonos Sub Mini?

While Sonos already had a subwoofer available, the Sonos Sub Mini brings the same high-quality bass action to a cheaper and smaller package. That could help even more users build a Sonos-powered home theater.

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